(WATCH NOW!) Doubletrack: 'A Rare Foray' and 'Tutorial Island' - Original Music SO POSTBEAT!

The Postbeat crew go on a TRIP to LONDON! This is what happens when we are left to our own devices; we tend to just muck about, experimenting with some music ideas, filming each other on our phones and editing silly, strange videos together for our own amusement. See what you think;

I know, I know.....I know.......well I don't know. It is what it is. We are what we are. And we're having fun!
I actually tried to get these tracks up for sale on the steemleo shop but it didnt work for some reason? I guess maybe theres an AI sorting mechanism that took one listen and thought HECK NO! I don't know what it is, I don't know WHY it exists, and I don't want it anywhere near my beautiful shopfront!
Nevermind. Soon we will have some more live recordings and original songs from the Postbeat workshop to try and sell to the magical crypto crowd. We have made a couple of sales on a track by @sazzler. She's really chuffed with herself as she's never sold a track before in her life, so thanks for the vote of confidence @steevc and @shanibeer
And remember: If it can't be done lying down, its not worth doing!

Peace and Love

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13.02.2020 18:46

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I am running Pocket-JS confirmer code.

21.02.2020 02:28

That's funky.

Hope @khaleelkazi from @steem.leo can sort the upload problem for you.

13.02.2020 20:17

Thanks for the mention @pennsif.

@basilmarples, there is a known issue when uploading a downloadable product — sometimes the upload takes longer than the site expects and if you reload the page or leave the page before the upload has fully completed, it cancels the listing automatically.

Next time you upload, could you try hitting the “Submit” button (after filling out your product details and uploading the file and all that) and then let your browser sit without doing anything after clicking that button. Give it about 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on file size and your internet speed.

Sorry for this issue. We’re adding in an uploading bar in the next update that will lock the page until the upload is completed and give you a success message. Right now it just takes a minute for the browser to complete. You’ll know it’s successful when the product auto displays on the page (without the need for you refreshing it)

Lemme know if you need any other help with this — khaleelkazi#9256 on discord or just @ mention me here on Steem 🦁

Posted via Steemleo

13.02.2020 20:22

Hi @khaleelkazi, thanks for jumping in so quick to help Basil. It will be great to get the tracks he and @sazzler make on Leoshop.

You should get @basilmarples to do a promo video for SteemLeo - that would be ace.

13.02.2020 20:27

Anytime! Yeah I would love to see some great tracks up there.

Would also definitely be interested in doing a promo video (perhaps even a few of them) to promote Steemleo, the leoshop, LeoDex, etc. I’ll try to get connected with @basilmarples and see what we can do

Posted via Steemleo

13.02.2020 20:32


@Basilmarples - look forward to seeing the videos, and getting them viral on socials...

13.02.2020 20:42

awesome! thanks guys. I'll definitely try the uploads again and be extra patient. Would definitely be game for trying to make a steemleo shop video as well.... maybe you could put a script together @khaleelkazi ?? Just don't expect it to be ultra high quality.... Im really just an enthusiastic amateur!

13.02.2020 21:42

Yay for forays! Having fun is where its at. Love the backwards walking portions of the video! Lova ya marples

@tipu curate

13.02.2020 20:24

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/30 - need recharge?)

13.02.2020 20:24

I have to say.... there is something really satisfying on a very childish level about film going backwards....I definitely want to experiment with it some more

13.02.2020 21:44

I'm bemused, but entertained. Keep up the crazy creativity and Steem on!

13.02.2020 21:27

thanks steev. I feel a bit bemused by it myself! And yet.....something keeps pulling me onwards! POSTBEAT to the MOOOON!!!!!

13.02.2020 21:45

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