Splinterlands T-Shirt Coming My Way!!!!

I just backed the splinterlands kickstarter for $50 to get my Friendly Giant T-Shirt! I can't wait!
I will also be recieving 7 UNTAMED booster packs which means this also happens to be the first time Ive EVER spent FIAT money on a crypto asset.....gulp. Could this be the beginning of a slippery slope? I never have enough money to gamble on these wild schemes, Im usually just about able to feed myself, but this time felt different! The Steemmonsters game has done nothing but impress me since day one and the team are constantly pushing it from strength to strength. I have every faith that it will continue to define itself as a powerful forerunner in a new wave of gaming and be collectable and valuable for as long as I live. Plus I need a new t-shirt!
Screenshot (1).png
Ive no idea why that screenshot is so orange??? My screen definitely doesn't look like that.....
aaaanyway..... I also just recently posted my sleeping Frost Giant design for the Steemmonsters Art Competition. Check it out: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@basilmarples/newsflash-sleeping-frost-giant-misses-beta-packs
Big love to all you Steemies
May the Splinters be with you
Baseeeel x x

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That sounds cool. You're going to look so stylish. It is a great game that deserves to do well.

11.10.2019 05:48

Hope it won't be too long before I get to see you in your stylish t-shirt. Although, given that we're now into autumn it could be a while. Or maybe not. A warm pub with a real fire comes to mind! 😂

11.10.2019 09:50

that sounds lovely! Maybe we could invite everyone to Norwich for a Christmas special!!??

11.10.2019 22:41