Introducing:- THE MOBIUS CHIP

When you spot what is wrong with this picture it will bend your mind beyond the limits of its capacity!
upside down peas.jpg
THE PEAS ARE UPSIDE DOWN! I know, its hard to believe, but reality has been twisted over on itself and formed in to a never ending loop of greasy-spoon canteen food.
This incredible phenomenon was highlighted to me by a friend who likened it to a Mobius Strip; which incredibly is a physical object with only 1 side! (despite existing in 3D space)
WAIT - I screamed in to the vast, echoing cavern of my own brain
Could this perhaps be the prelude to the first ever instance of a Mobius CHIP? The deep-fried potato chip has long been a staple of English cuisine but where do they come from? And why are there so many of them? I proceeded to spend all afternoon working with complex theory and deeply perplexing mathematic equations until I finally produced this diagram which I believe explains everything we will ever need to know about our infinite supply of chips:

        **THE MOBIUS CHIP**

mobius chip.png
Naturally I expect to be recieving some sort of prestigious global award for this discovery. I may well have pushed the frontiers of scientific knowledge on the subject of canteen food towards a future of limitless unknown potential. My steemy friends, the implications are vast and magnificent!

With love, I shall now retreat to my studies to ensure that this new information can be used for the good of mankind and not the immense evil that Im sure it is capable of.
Peas and Pi

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That bends my brain even without !BEER. Well spotted.

Give peas a chance!

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haha. if only you owned more beer!

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I can give out a few each day. Let's try today

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