**ACTOR DIARIES** We made the LONGLIST for best British short! With Paul Is Dead :)

This is the closest Ive ever been to a serious award ceremony! We made it out of the final 300 and in to the Last 17 in the BIFA Best British Short category which I think is an incredible achievement. Check out the link below and watch the video trailer for the Longlist: you'll see a fair few clips of Paul is Dead (its the one where we're pratting about being The Beatles - im George Harrison!) https://www.bifa.film/news/best-british-short-film-long-list-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3gXkXem_Z8keGTRSgVNse3DBtiTPVBzldKpD_BJiMBXTEDPwBmNiTn55k
For me its very exciting because it means that hundreds of industry professionals have been watching us and casting their votes which is great exposure for the film makers but also for us as actors (although I doubt whether anyone would ever recognise me from this particular film!).
Unfortunately we didn't make the final nominations but it was cut down to a list of only 5 so competition is super tight! Anyway, any step forward is a step in the right direction and just to have been represented in that list of top quality short-film talent is a great achievement.

To watch the film yourself and read my original post about the mad time we had making it, click this link https://goldvoice.club/steem/@basilmarples/watch-now-paul-is-dead-a-beatles-film-starring-me-p-13mins

But I think as a celebration, I will throw some pictures your way that I never shared before;
first of all some cool screenshots and promo shots that almost make us look like real rockstars....

paulisdead abbey road.jpg
paul is dead bafta image.jpg
paul is dead screenshot.png
paul is dead comp shot.jpg
paul is dead photo.png

Now for some of the Official Artwork and Posters;
-paul-is-dead- poster 5.jpg Paul is Dead Poster 2.jpg
Paul is Dead Poster.png
paul is dead liverpool poster.jpg

And finally, which for me is the icing on the cake....a few of my picks from the torrent of fan art that got made in response to the film! Thats definitely a first for me as well and certainly added to the warm glow around this project.
Paul is Dead fan art.png
paul is dead fan art 2.jpeg
paul is dead fan art 3.jpg paul is dead fan art 4.jpg
How cool is that?
I feel like the last few film projects Ive been involved in have been a real step up in my ambitions to become a professional screen actor. Its very exciting to be building a portfolio of work that I can be proud of and hopefully it will lead to some more great opportunities in the coming years!

Thats all for now Steemsters!
Big love and Ultimate Power to you all
basil x

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Woooo, congrats!

01.11.2019 18:26

thanks julia! You guys got any films in the pipeline?

01.11.2019 18:35

That's excellent Basil. Congratulations!

01.11.2019 19:07

hey thanks Pennsif! Pretty cool hey?

01.11.2019 19:13

Neat, any new projects like this lined up at present?

02.11.2019 02:48

ive been helping produce something just recently but I had to turn down an acting role in it because Ive had damaged vocal chords all year :( Thats why I havn't really been vlogging or singing on steemit lately....Im just not in a fit state to perform!

02.11.2019 12:21

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the vocal chords.

Any parts going for films about Marcel Marceau 😀

02.11.2019 15:06

hehe. very funny. Im actually starting a career in semaphore

02.11.2019 15:54

Is that a real job or just a lot of arm waving...

02.11.2019 15:55

Ive got to get some attention somehow! ;p

03.11.2019 09:39

As long as you don't get flagged you will be okay...

03.11.2019 09:40

I think this stream of jokes may be flagging as we speak! haha

03.11.2019 09:55

I think it may run out of steem very soon...

03.11.2019 09:56

Congratulations Basil. That's exciting news indeed.

I've made a note of the link to your original post so I can watch it later.

Glad it worked out so well for you in so many ways. 💙

01.11.2019 19:11

thanks Gillian : ) Its definitely nice when things work out well! They tend to be fairly infrequent!

01.11.2019 19:14

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01.11.2019 19:16

cheers old fruit!

01.11.2019 19:40

Fantastic, sounds like major progress and great exposure.

Looking forward to seeing the cover shots of the next album 😃

01.11.2019 20:16

haha. Thats only if the studio backs us ;p

01.11.2019 20:19

Well done! A great movie and well deserving of a reward. Shame it didn’t make it all the way but as you said it is still an achievement, bravo to you and the team.

01.11.2019 20:24

thankyou very much. Glad you enjoyed it! I feel we got our reward anyway, even without a trophy :)

02.11.2019 12:14

Congratulations! Getting seen by more people is great. I watched the movie a while back and enjoyed it. Having some fan art is the icing on the cake.

01.11.2019 20:35

definitely! Its produced some really good imagery. And just the fact that its inspired people makes me feel great!

01.11.2019 20:42

That was a cool short film. I was trying to figure out who you were.. the end credits gave it away..!

01.11.2019 21:38

haha. yeah, I was quite well disguised. My hair was died and so was my moustache! (I tried to convince them to get me the brown contact lenses, but being a student production they were a little short on extraneous budget!)

02.11.2019 12:15

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02.11.2019 04:52

Hello Hello!

Amazing bro, I liked reading this post was great

Greetings from Venezuela

02.11.2019 17:05

I don't know why you say goodbye, I say HELLO!!! Thanks for checking it out! Massive love to venezuela from the uk x x

02.11.2019 20:24

What a fabulous work. I loved! Besides, I also like beatles. A big hello @basilmarples

02.11.2019 23:23

hey thankyou Marcy! A big hello stright back atcha! :D

03.11.2019 09:40

Hello @basilmarples, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

06.11.2019 07:52

awesome! thanks :D

10.11.2019 19:09