**ACTOR DIARIES** WATCH NOW! Me in a NEW StarWars FanTrailer! See if you can spot me IN....

RISE OF THE DARKSIDE mwahaha! It is FINALLY HERE!!!! And weighing in at only 30seconds long its more of a stocking filler than a fully fledged Christmas present, but sometimes those are the best right? This little trailer is packed full of awesome StarWarsy moments including ME as an X-Wing pilot aaaand as a Hologram! WATCH IT NOW!:

Didn't I seem heroic? Ahh, how the silver screen doth lie....pretty awesome though right? I love working with these guys and as ever, I hope to be involved in many more projects with them over the coming years. In fact, I beg you, PLEASE go to their channel and demand that they make MORE films!

You can read a bit more about my experience of acting in this trailer in my previous blog: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@basilmarples/actor-diaries-who-s-that-piloting-a-starwars-x-wing-its-me

starwars Hologram.png
rise of the dark side.png

but for now fair steemies. I must recede back in to the winter darkness and plot the next majestic exploit
(or just nap)
love and appreciation to you all x x

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A convincing fighter pilot for sure!

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15.12.2019 15:30

why thankyou squire : ) In reality, Im terrified of anything that applies G-Force.....even a merri-go-round

15.12.2019 17:46

Merry go rounds are certainly moving vomitoriums 🤪

16.12.2019 00:17

Ooh, I'm seriously jealous of you for being in this, but happy for you too. Let us know when it's done and see if you can persuade them to get into Steem. Original content like this is just what we need.

15.12.2019 15:51

Im sad to say, this IS done....theres nothing else to it! just a trailer that they can use for making VFX tutorials

15.12.2019 17:44

That's a shame, but still a cool piece of work. I've not looked up fan films in a while, but I did see some years ago. This shows how creative people can be.

15.12.2019 18:54

I hope Lucasfilm's are all OK with this! Great effects!

15.12.2019 16:52

yeeeah, we havn't had any official complaints yet.....who knows?
Im the hologram and the X-Wing pilot ;)

15.12.2019 17:47

Dude this is awesome, looks pretty high quality! You were great as a hologram, very two dimensional ;)

16.12.2019 01:44

lol. Ta Carlos. I'll be stealing that joke for my oscars acceptance speech

16.12.2019 10:29

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16.12.2019 01:45

Super cool!

16.12.2019 01:49

hey Ferg! :D

16.12.2019 10:24