Day Six - Milk Challenge - Woolly Happenings


Squaring the circle and other things

Welcome to my day six of the Milk Challenge started by @whatsup 6 days ago. Needless to say, I have been having fun with it. Sometimes when not do anything else at all, and when I want to play with some yarn, (after all we are all internet cats, and what cat doesn't like to play with yarn), I will do some crocheting. I am pretty good at making granny squares, and hardly ever need to refer to the instructions these days on how to make them. When it comes to the circular doilies though most of the time I still need to look at the directions. It doesn't matter if they are word patterns, or graphic patterns, so if I see a book with interesting patterns and it is in a language I do not read, as long as they have the graphical pattern I am good to go, (although with a bit of trial and error on my part, some of them patterns are pretty tough to follow).

A long long time ago, way way back in the ancient days of pre-internet, like the 70's, some doctors figured out that needle point and crocheting were good for controlling high blood pressure, I don't know if that is still true or if the study has stood up to the test of time, but after you learn the simple granny square, and make your first small blanket, you are pretty much hooked.

Now I did not take up crocheting to control my blood pressure, I learned how from my mom when I was but a kid of 10 or so, even more way back ancient time. So off and on throughout the years every now and then I will pick up the needle and yarn.

DSC_9137 cropped in view nx resized in cpspu upload.jpg

As you can see I am not adverse to taking and making some circular action. I like the squares, and the round doilies. I have taken some of the actually doily patterns and instead of the fine thread they call for and those obnoxiously tiny hook they want you to use, and upgrade the pattern to a big needle and regular sized everyday yarn. The circular pattern though in the picture was not from a tiny needle pattern.

Along with Squares and Circles I like to make leaves and sometimes flowers, (not so much the flowers, but I do love the leaf patterns). I bought a book that had a bunch of leaf patterns, the ivy leaf pattern, now that was kind of hard to do, all the leafs are on a stem and made as you go, not attached later. the little flower that was just put there and had part of the IVY leaf stem poked through, just to show that I do sometime make flowers.

DSC_9136 - Cropped in cndx resized in cpspu upload.jpg

I don't do much with my crocheting other than make the little bits and pieces. Mostly the finished projects sit in a drawer, some get used, like my doilies, I have a brown circular one down stairs to sit my coffee cup on, and I have some other pieces sitting out to just look at and play with at times.

The photo's were taken today, the Square and circle were made earlier this month, and I can not remember when I made the IVY leaves, at least two years ago I would guess. Like I said kind of an on again off again hobby for when I get the cat scratch itch to play with yarn.

I hope you have been enjoying some of the #milkandtators post, there really are a lot of them and they are...well..lets just say most of them are interesting. So if you are bored looking for content check out the tags.

I should have done this on #needleworkmonday, but I wanted to do #musicmonday. So if you are interested in the Art of playing with Yarn, try that tag out some, they are much better than me at making things, and make things a lot more frequently than I do.

Thus concludes Day Six*

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30.01.2020 23:50

You must have inadvertently forgot to give me a plug for outstanding @milkandtators contributor, held within the highest esteem by low esteemed individuals...???

31.01.2020 05:40

I don't know how the above happened, I mean I don't think this was my best of milkandtators, maybe it was the use of the word crochet, I hooked them in. I will try better to get a plug in for you on day seven, I am surprised I made it 6 in a row.

31.01.2020 06:20

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Thank you.

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31.01.2020 14:39

Hey @bashadow! Thanks for the #NeedleWorkMonday shoutout! Your crochet work is nice! I’m like you, I prefer working with the thicker yarns when crocheting. I’ve only just begun experimenting with thinner yarns for knitting (beginner knitting that is 😄)

Maybe one day you’ll collect all the little pieces you’ve made and connect them into one big special project?!!! 😉

I have never used crocheting to lower my blood pressure either but it sure lowers my stress level. I use it to unwind and relax and once I start it’s hard to stop. When my kids see me crocheting they know not to disturb my peace...but of course they do it anyway. 🙄😏😁

Well anytime you get the itch to play with yarn we’d love to have you join us! On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag and on all other days we use the #needlework tag without the word Monday attached. We share our work, patterns, tips and ideas supporting one another as we inspire the Steemit blockchain. We encourage our members to share the process of their work through photos because it’s exciting seeing a project come to life. It also validates your work.

If you ever want to check out our posting guidelines (just in case you get that itch lol) please visit our FAQs!

I really enjoyed your post ~

01.02.2020 03:07

Thanks for the invite, I may get around to a real crochet post one of these days. I do find it relaxing. I have even made crochet toys a few times. I did a spider, well I used a lot bigger yarn, and a bigger needle, and it came out a lot bigger than the instructions said from five inches to 9 inches, but it looked cool, just took almost a whole bag of that stuffing stuff to fill it. I don't have a picture of it though, that was over 15 years ago.

01.02.2020 03:44

Absolutely! We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to share ;)

09.02.2020 22:14