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In this post, I had the opportunity to discuss about planning a construction of a "meeting place" that was badly needed in one of the villages in the area where I lived (Aceh). This meeting place is a very useful facility, because it serves to discuss issues related to the local community.

I and the planning team have the task for this, making the construction planning to be built in the shortest possible time. By having this task, my friends and I must take full responsibility for this matter, must immediately finish in a short time.


As I discussed about the planning procedure in the previous post, the most important thing to do is review the field or the location of the work that will be built for the construction of this meeting place. We made a schedule of field observations a few days after we received this assignment, and held a meeting with the community leaders there.

They are very grateful for the work they want so far, because there is no construction yet. They also indicate the location, and what facilities they want.

Arriving at the job site I saw the location was a little worrying, but they said this was only your eyesight. Actually, the condition of this land is not so bad, because previously construction has been built here, but half the journey of the project failed due to several other things.



Without thinking we immediately measured this location by using a meter or manual measuring device, after measuring all the initial locations we got, we felt relieved because it took a long time for this. The narrow location between the houses of the residents there, made us exhausted to measure all sides.


Existing location sketch



After the location sketch or measurement is complete, as usual then the work to be done is to make 2D drawings as desired.

The beginning of this depiction is the construction placement picture as shown below.


2D location sketch

How to describe it is by looking at maps or "Google Earth", you can see in the picture below. Photos that I have screenshot on maps, I paste in the Auto-Cad application for drawing guidelines. This method is one of the manual methods, because now there is already the fastest way to use the application to describe the location. Maybe I will explain in the next meeting.


Google Earth screenshot

After the picture above is complete, the next step is to draw a construction plan. Here are the results of the picture I made.


Floor Plan and Construction Appearance


Side view


In the depiction of the most important thing is the clarity of the image, especially in the construction details.


Construction Pieces or Details


Ceramic floor plan


The foundation details must also be considered, because this is for clarity of people to see the pictures we make, and when the work is in progress the builder can more easily understand them.


Foundation Details


Likewise in the roof work, the details we make must be clear and easy to understand.


Roof/easel details


An easel connection plan

- Eraser

- Auto-Cad application

- And other aids



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Thank You For All

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