Surrealism - True Tales of the Old Stump

There are many storytellers in the world who left their mark and gave us interesting stories, but, it is not true, if the old tree stumps could speak, they would be the best storytellers in the world.

Trees, before becoming stumps, lived a long and bright life, they saw many joys and sorrows, clear and cloudy days, rains and droughts, fruitful years and hunger.

I think that in hard times, if the stumps were treated with a bit of sarcasm and a smirk, they would find it amusing that we can be concerned about.

Outwardly, the stumps seem lifeless, but they are not, they are full of life. Millions of bacteria, fungi and insects have fallen in love with these elderly, squeaky curmudgeons and enjoy their warmth and the many tales that lurk in the depths of dry wood.

I decided to extract, raise to the surface all the tales that are hidden from our eyes and, as a result, I got a surreal picture, which I called - "True Tales of the Old Stump".

5121141as 088.png

As has become customary, I turn to my archive of photographs and look for those that according to all the canons, it should be sent to the trash can.

Yes, look at this photograph, it is of little interest.

We see a tree stump, a couple of ventilation shafts that look out at its foot, several trees with yellow and green foliage ... let's see what happens.

1as 088.JPG

I saw a medieval castle, which crowns the top of the stump, and the stump itself will become a mountain on which an impregnable fortress will stand.

The gray ventilation shafts gave me the material to create the sea, and the yellow and green trees will still come in handy.

Gradually, the castle began to appear, I wanted to portray it as realistic as possible, I had to work hard.

11as 088.png

Roads should appear, after all in any fairy tale there are roads along which fairy tale characters walk.

1as 088.png

I didn't want my fairy tale to turn into a desert island and connect this island with the continent with a bridge.

Now, I wanted to grow trees, for now, they are without foliage.

And, as you can see, there is a horizon and two locations on both sides of the stump.

The old castle has become more lively and looks like an impregnable fortress.

51as 088.png

It's time to breathe life into the trees.

61as 088 (1).png

Under the bridge you saw a small island, now an old tree rises from it, which, soon, may become a stump.

91as 088.png

Two mountains appeared on the horizon, from one of them, a waterfall pours.

101as 088.png

Небо, солнце, облака и первая динамическая составляющая, в виде телеги, которая движется по мосту, появились на картине.

121as 088.png

Someone must ride in the cart, probably the one who wants to hear the new tale of the old tree stump.

131as 088.png

In the cart, sacks of food appeared, which the cabman was carrying to the city market and the horse pulling this cart.

There is also the one in the picture who tells this fairy tale to his little child, you probably saw a woman who leads a stroller in front of her, walking along the embankment.

This picture allows, in the future, to modernize oneself, add characters, change seasons and tell new fairy tales that are hidden in the old tree stump.

Happy viewing and reading, friends!

201as 088.png

Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera

Author @barski

For my publications, I do not use stock photographs, it is fundamentally important for me to use photographs that I have made with my own hands for publication and I can name them - authorial work.

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