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This post is my entry to the contest - Upmewhale writing contest! Restricted & Unrestricted Internet - Freedom World!, organized by @upmewhale.

Today, when I learned about the conduct of this competition, I did not have a general idea of ​​what I would write and what photo materials I would use.

But, I needed to go to the city center, to solve several issues. Along the way, everything around me suggested the contents of this post.

One plot replaced another plot. By the time I got home, I already knew what I would write about.

My camera was full of thematic photographs, which I brought into proper form. They will help me illustrate this post.

My thoughts about limitations on the Internet have acquired a visual component.

So, let's begin.


It is not a fact that you will agree with my statement, but I will state my vision on this topic.

Freedom and restrictions are different.

Excessive freedom, sometimes, can do more harm than restrictions.

We have a saying if you want to criticize something, or, to talk about something, you need to start with yourself, with yourself.

Our family has a number of restrictions on working on the Internet that are initiated by me and my beloved wife.

Our kids. they use the Internet only to obtain information as part of the school curriculum and to improve their hobbies. In particular, this is playing the guitar and needlework.

This restriction is similar to this tape, which tries to prevent damage to the flower bed from those who want to step there with their boot.


There is a lot of garbage on the Internet, it is very difficult to filter, sort it.

In recent years, a lot of children have suffered from their activity on social networks.

Do you remember a game called Blue Whale? I am disgusted that these killers took a name that is close to us, on the platform of Steemit, an animal.

The suicides associated with this game forced us to tighten control over our children's horizons.

Other children from the class where our children studied played this dangerous game.

My wife and I considered it necessary to throw this garbage out of the lives of our children.


This is a limitation that has a narrow focus in the circle of our family.

According to the saying that you read above, I talked about myself and got the moral right to go further in covering the topic of this competition.

The country in which we live is at war with a neighboring country.

Once upon a time, we were called fraternal peoples, but in 2014, everything changed.

In the beginning, under the pretext of a referendum and with the help of army units, the Crimea peninsula was taken from our country, then they fired up collaborant fire in the east of Ukraine.

All this happens under the pretext of protecting the Russian-speaking population from the Ukrainian-speaking junta.

A blatant lie that I can refute.

My ancestors, from eastern Russia, Altai, Kamchatka.

When I moved to live in Ukraine, I did not know the Ukrainian language, and today, I speak Russian.

No one ever rebuked me for that.

The informative war is the reason for some restrictions on the Internet.
I believe that it is normal to cut off the eggs of the aggressor, and not to let him spray his spores and generate collaborators.

These restrictions apply to sites in the RU zone. Several of my mailboxes do not work, you can’t download your favorite movies from convenient torrents.


I will not hide, sometimes, you can feel like a beggar. This happens when I want to determine the type of plant, or insect, from a photograph I took.

I’m used to using photo search, which was provided by Yandex, but this server is blocked because it is located in the RU zone. Google, he is very poor at coping with the task.

You can use a proxy server, but that means bending in front of the enemy.

Better, I will be a beggar than, I will be, a man without firm convictions.


I think that if you do not understand the essence of the reasons for those or other restrictions, they will seem as stupid as these bottles, which limit the ability to park a car.


Neglecting the rules and restrictions can be very expensive.
Sometimes, this price is life.

A visit to the websites of the aggressor’s country is money that may be used to produce a cartridge that will kill your neighbor’s son, or your son, who, upon appeal, went to the army.

This monument is installed at a trolleybus stop. The young guy neglected some of the rules of riding a motorcycle. The result of this is captured on granite.


People like to circumvent the rules and do what is forbidden.

Someone should clean this wall, but, those who pasted these announcements, this. not interested.


I think that all prohibitions, they are based on fear. Governments do not know how to levy taxes from people who live on the Internet, they are afraid that the economy will collapse, and they no longer need to be senators.

But, all prohibitions are subordinate to time. sometimes, they collapse like this wall.


It often happens that these prohibitions stop, but, only for the elite, we live in such a world.


But, in general, I believe that most of the prohibitions have good goals that are aimed at our defense. Like in the photo below. Prohibition signs tell us that ahead is danger.

You need to figure out where these prohibitions and restrictions are.


Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

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I read your whole article just now. Yeah.. I can agree with your word as you wrote here. Both Unrestricted and freedom word's has different meaning also. With unrestricted internet facility there are more garbage on internet and people couldn't what's right thing. Finally more younger died from play blue whales game. Governments have big responsibility to control abuse on Internet. I never heard about Ukraine condition before. But after read your post I got better imagine how Ukraine's Internet working.

12.11.2019 16:44

Thank you for the wonderful comment @madushanka . It is possible that you do not know this, you became a participant in the commentary contest, which I announced this Sunday. I'm glad you found out. something new for myself about Ukraine!

12.11.2019 21:29

I didn't find out it. Thanks for adding me.

13.11.2019 04:45

First off, I'd like to commend your use of rhetorics as well as the synergy between your text and visuals. Thumbs up.

Restricted and unrestricted internet is a complex narrative which could be discussed for several days without exhausting its possibilities.

I agree with you that restrictions are placed on the internet because of the fear of what could be achieved through it. The internet is a great tool which is used to unleash great possibilities and this is what our leaders are trying to prevent.

I'd give my detailed opinion about this in my post shortly.


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12.11.2019 18:46

Thank you very much @williams-owb ! I remember the time when the Internet was not, in general, and we somehow survived this)). Your comment is fully consistent with the rules of the contest, which I announced on Sunday. I wish you success and a great day!

13.11.2019 08:12

Thank you and have a lovely day ahead too

13.11.2019 08:28