@Barski announces photo contest - Show me CATS - Round 5 & WINNERS - weekly prize pool of 58 BTCMYC ( bitcoinmyk ) tokens

Round number 5 - Show me CATS!


Greetings, friends!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and wish you good health and fulfillment of your desires!

Today, I want to see pictures of your fluffy pets, who are very fond of being patted in soft wool and letting them feast on milk and fish.

For humans, milk and fish are a very strange combination of products, but not for cats.

Before announcing the start of the 5th round of the competition, I want to congratulate the winner of the 4th round.


Dear @olivia08, she showed us a sun cat, which, like a sun bunny, is a continuation of a ray of light and its projection.

Author - @olivia08 - 20 BTCMYC

Deserved victory, and the prize went to the winner.


Strive for small and get a lot, this is our motto!

Show me CATS!


Weekly prize pool of 58 BTCMYC ( bitcoinmyk ) tokens

1st place will receive 20 BTCMYC tokens

2 x 2nd place will 10 BTCMYC tokens, each ;

3 x 3rd place will receive 6 BTCMYC tokens, each.

Tokens will be transferred to the winemakers @steem-engine wallet.

Below, you can see examples of photographs for the contest.


I took these photos at different times of the year.


The format of the photo does not matter, only your talent can lead you to victory.


You can use any means of photography. If, suddenly, you do not have any camera, you can draw a reflection, as you know, perhaps this is the way to victory.



  1. Your photograph, collages and drawings, and a few words about it should be presented as a comment on this post.
    You can publish a post and post a link to it and a photo as a comment on this post.
  2. This should be your work that you personally took. Plagiarism and stock photos are unacceptable.
  3. Vote for this post.
  4. Share this post with other bloggers.

Winners will receive their prizes after paying for this post.

Each of you can become a sponsor of this competition and increase the prize pool.

Your votes, this is a tangible support of this contest!

I wish you all a great hunt!

You can take part in contests that are held daily. Contests are held daily.

You can take part in contests of photos and comments.

Stay tuned for updates to our blog.

Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

Author @barski

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Thank you so much @barski. So much happy and appreciated your good deeds here.

08.01.2020 08:42

My entry


09.01.2020 18:33

My handsome Whitey pose like a model. Looked so sad bit definitely happy with our care and love.

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10.01.2020 03:06

Aww, the fluff balls are the best models and they are so entertaining.
Here is my cat Furry, poking her face out of the box.


10.01.2020 05:54

This is my little furry ball mate Somchai the Siamese cat we get on like a house on fire but he hates Monday's cause after spending a weekend with him i need to go back to work on Monday's and this is his Monday morning expressions is it "Monday morning already" yes it is sorry Somchai got to go earn some more money so i can feed you buddy 😹


12.01.2020 15:39

It is truly amazing the cats you encounter walking around the Bangkok streets i would easily say i would see more cats then dogs for some reason maybe the cats are more reliable outdoors then dogs were as dogs have got to be walked by there master whereas a cat can just lay around anywhere safely without running into traffic you mainly see them sitting on brick fences like this one that i photographed by surprise and gave me the big blue eyes surprise i do love them beautiful blue eyes so adorable:))

iPhone 10 S.jpg

13.01.2020 03:26

That's a beautiful cat you photographed! @bigsambucca

14.01.2020 10:48

Thank you @ninahaskin i love it marking and blue eyes so sweet :))

14.01.2020 11:55
Congratulations to the Round 4 winners!🐾
My entry to this week's contest can be found below



14.01.2020 10:46

Great picture! Let me remind you that, to participate in the contest, a comment must consist of at least 25 words. Please edit.

14.01.2020 10:50

There is an entire link to a post underneath the photo @barski

14.01.2020 10:54

A post and a link to it, this is your bonus)) I want to see the text, these are the rules for everyone. I understand that it is difficult to type a unique text twice, but, believe me, I get very tired of transactions, every day when I send prizes)) I would love to do this once))

14.01.2020 10:59

My misunderstanding! I will edit the first comment to correct @barski

14.01.2020 11:03

Thanks! These are simple rules.

14.01.2020 11:05


15.01.2020 03:42

Hello there @barski this two are too busy catching each other, celine doesn't want to play with dumbo because dumbo now is in heat and Celine is feeling annoyed, thank you for this comment contest.

19.02.2020 09:26