We want to grow in steemit! Our first POWER UP yeah!


Thanks to the first Radio Show Venezuela we learned the importance of investing in Steemit!

A few days ago I participated in the first Radio Show Venezuela of the Promo Steem community, which took place this 06-06-2021 and which was directed by Óscar Cedeño @oscarcc89 and in which he spoke among many things about the importance of make a power-up or a power up every time we generate profits on the platform, to maintain the balance of the steem ecosystem as one of the reliable cryptographic assets and for promoters who want to make steemit something important and massive.

We tell you that now that we have received the first profit from our first publication as a Barista Academy, we have decided to do our first power up. By the way, we take this opportunity to thank @steemcurator01 @arie.steem @oscarcc89 and @pennsif for their support and vote.

Yes now! our first ignition!

As a company we know how important it is to invest in order to grow and this is something we want, that is why we are going to dedicate a percentage of our profit of what we have received to invest in steemit through the ignition or power up.

First of all, we have gone to the wallet of our Barista Academy account and then we have decided to change sbds to steem and we go to the market, there we have placed 7 sbd for sale to convert it into approximately 99 steem which we will be using to make our first power-up.

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