Matic Build-n-Earn Round 2

Builders, get ready to harness the force during our jam-packed 4-week Build-n-Earn Round 2 event schedule!

We’ve put together a 4-week schedule to equip you with the knowledge and community exposure required to attain maximum benefit from Round 2 of Build-n-Earn.


• Nov 5: Build-n-Earn Episode 2: The Attack of Marketing
• Nov 10: Demo Day
• Nov 12: Build-n-Earn Episode 3: The Revenge of The VC
• Nov 19-25: Marketing Campaign Week
• Nov 26: The End Game

Applications for Build-n-Earn Round 2 are still open!

If you're a DApp BUIDLer and you haven't applied for Build-n-Earn yet, don't delay! Join us for the next chapter and receive financial, technical, and marketing-related support.

Stay tuned
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