Achievement of The Youth Steem Community received a Promo-Steem Shirt sponsor


We and the friends of The Youth Steem community team are proud of our achievements today, We are entrusted as the recipients of the 100 Steem sponsorship sponsored by @stephenkendal. We are very happy with this support, we feel more excited about supporting and doing Promo-Steem. Mr. Stephen has announced 100 Steem T-Shirt Sponsorship this time, and he chose to support me to help with the Steem Community Project. We are from The Youth Steem community, he sponsors us so that we can reach out and promote Steem to the Youth Community in Indonesia.

We are proud to accept this sponsorship, I and the team are very grateful. This is a very supportive support for the development of The Yout Steem team and the youth community in Indonesia. With this support, it will accelerate our plans in printing team shirts, we will immediately redesign and edit some of the logo placement on the t-shirts. And then printed it out, then immediately distributed it to the members of The Youth Steem Community team. We really appreciate the generosity of Mr. @stephenkendal for the support of Kaos sponsors to The Youth Steem team.

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In the previous plan, I chose two color themes for the design of the t-shirt. I designed white and black t-shirts, both of which are attractive and have their own characteristics. However, after we discussed, discussed with the team, the conclusion and mutual agreement that we would choose to print a black shirt for the first shirt. In our opinion, black looks more elegant, it is commonly used in various workshop events and the logo we designed also strongly supports color match when combined. That's why we chose black for the first T-shirt print, and this T-shirt will be handed over to several members of The Youth Steem Community. It is possible that the color of the shirts will also differentiate between Team members and sympathizers who want to join The Youth Steem Community in Indonesia.




Promo-Steem to Indonesian Youth

We wilmake t-shirts for some of the people who have supported The Youth Steem Community all this time. They have worked together to be consistent at Steemit, they also helped me a lot in recruiting new users. The Youth Steem aims to inspire people who are active and creative in creating content. We will invite them to be consistent and then ask to introduce this Steemit to the people closest to them. This is the beginning for doing Promo-Steem, and we have a goal to create a Workshop and Promo-Steem event in Indonesia. Then the Steem shirts that we designed for the team will be printed as soon as possible. We have plans to introduce this community to many people. Then we will select people who can work together to deserve to be added as additional members. We hope there is support, so we will develop "The Youth Steem Community" together. Greetings Indonesian Youth.

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Excellent, congrats!

07.05.2021 17:21

Thanks Bro, how are you brother Ras???

07.05.2021 17:24

Fine, thank you. And you?

07.05.2021 17:25

well, are you in Pidie, Indonesia now?

07.05.2021 17:38

Yes. Keunoe aju!

08.05.2021 10:58

okay, make workshop Aju mangat ta lest go aju

08.05.2021 21:49
07.05.2021 17:37