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Banglachef Cooking Contest || Share Your Fish Cooking Recipe || Week-05 || 15 Steem Prize

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Greetings all from Bangla Chef Community!

Today we are going to announce another new contest again, especially for those who prefer to eat fish curry. Although fish curry is cooked in different ways in different regions and everyone tries to follow their traditions in different ways.

So our main objective is to give everyone a chance to know the traditions of fish cooking. Because by participating in this contest, we will be able to present our traditional best recipes and take the chance to win prizes.

You can present recipes in your own language, especially if you are Bengali, we encourage you to present recipes in Bengali. Besides, those who are not Bengali can share recipes in any language including English. So we invite everyone to take this wonderful opportunity.

Follow Contest Rules:

• Contest must be original and without 0% plagiarized.
• Write minimum 200 words about your fish recipe.
• Share at least 6 photographs of the recipe and try to share every step.
• Resteem this contest announcement.
• Invite 3 of your best friend to participate here.
• Subscribe to Bangla Chef Community and share the entry through this Community.
• Share your entry link under the contest post through comment.
• Use the tags #myfishrecipe #banglachef #steemexclusive #promo-steem (You Country #bangladesh for me).
• Use the title: Share Your Fish Cooking Recipe || Week-05 || Your Text
• Ensure your entry before the payouts of this contest post.

Prize Pool

1st Place - 5 Steem
2nd place - 4 Steem
3rd Place - 3 Steem
4th Place - 2 Steem
5th Place - 1 Steem

Image by cattalin from Pixabay

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Always appreciated to the support for growing the community smoothly.


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