BandiFight Update #1


Good news! The stage of creating the mission and fight system is finished enough to be played. Each player can now buy character and fight with others for reputation!


Opponent is randomly selected for the fight. You as a player send customJson transactions with information and the server intercepts and verifies it. If you win, you get experience, reputation and money (in game). With every fight you win, you have a 10% chance of finding some coins of SBD. If you lose, you get some experience points but your reputation is decreasing. Your stats and opponent's are very important. In addition to the most important of your character will also count those that are most important to your opponent. But about this in another post. Of course, the system will be changing, soon we will add 3 opponents to choose and from time to time new ones will be new matched.


Missions play an important role in the development of your character. From it you can gain experience points and reputations and in the future also items which will be important when you fighting with other players or required to do specific missions. Currently, you need the right amount of experience and reputation to complete the mission, but don't worry, if your character doesn't have the requirements, there is less chance that you will do it. Soon, failure to complete the mission may cause you to go to jail and your experience and reputation points will be reduced.

Currently, the site and the game are in alpha version, which means that there may be bugs. What do we have in our plans as a priority? Improve the combat system - choosing an opponent from 3 matched + their change from time to time (maybe 10min), imprisonment after failed missions, basic items, visual improvement of the site. We also plan a crafting system, more basic items and rare items which you can upgrading, gangs, buildings and a market.

Site: BandiFight
Discord: BandiFight

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