BandiFight: Get Character For Free! Prison.


Hello gangsters!

We have good news for you! We have some characters to give away. Just. Free. Well, almost ... What do you have to do to get a character? All you have to do is vote this post and resteem it. Nothing more!

What you get?

You will receive a random character and you will be able to play immediately. It will be yours forever, just like you would buy. The only exception is money, the character will not have 400$ at the beginning as if bought, but 50$ and 1 Gold. We send characters manually, so it may take some time before you get it.


Soon we will be adding the opportunity to speed up the mission and fight for gold. A prison will also be added to which you can get after a failed mission (if you have too few chances to complete).

About prison

The chance of going to prison will be 30%, but you can reduce it by increasing your luck statistics (crit) and the chance will be reduced by the cubic root of this statistic - cbrt (your_crit_stat). Prison will reduce your experience by 40% and reputation by 35%. Duration will be 1.5x mission time. When the market gets into the game, you will be able to buy a special pass for a limited time, and you will not go to prison.

Site: BandiFight
Discord: BandiFight

Comments 6

Hey guys, voted this post and resteemed. Also wanted to say thanks for using the #battle tag. Looking forward to playing the game!

16.08.2019 20:36

Thanks :) You got a character ;)

17.08.2019 16:32

Zrobione! Niecierpliwie czekałem na odpalenie twojej gry :)

16.08.2019 22:45

Thanks :) You got a character ;)

17.08.2019 16:31

I wish you good luck with your game! I look forward to see about you at Discord/SteemDevs!

(I saw/thought there is a lack of awesome graphics... You need support? I have several years of experience with 2D/3D stuff/modelings [and other stuff, because i'm selfemployed half of my life]. So maybe i could support you, i thought. If you like to talk about, i would look forward to engage me in your game stuff. Also because since a few month i program my own game stuff [after several years of programming web stuff] and would like to make more connections with valuable folks.)

Maybe we hear each other. If you would like me to connect me via Discord, you can find me with #powerpaul9718. I would be glad!


17.08.2019 03:17