BandiFight: Free characters, prison, expand payments


Hello gangsters!

In the previous post it was possible to receive a free character in the game. The following people have received:
@kargul09 - Nerd
@agr8buzz - Kid
@steemehq - 2x Boy
@chewing - Kid

You still have the chance to get a character for free. Just give vote and resteem/reblog.

If you want to buy a character for a different cryptocurrency than steem or sbd, write to us at Discord.

Tonight, a prison will be added to which you can go for a failed mission. The consequences of this were described in the previous post. Three opponents to choose in battle are in the making and will appear soon. At the same time, the character payment system will expand with transaction-request, i.e. you send to @bandifight the appropriate amount of steem or sbd with the memo e.g. request_character: kid. The server will create an id for this character and assign it to you. This is to allow users to make payments from the wallet, bypassing the game site.

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