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BandiFight: About Fight


Hello gangsters!

We have already described the character profile, so now it's time to describe the fight rules, which is a good source of experience and reputation. As with missions in which you can go to prison, after a failed battle you can go to the hospital, which will reduce your experience and reputation. However, this will be added later, after analyzing and possibly balancing the rules of the fight.

BandiFight takes us on a journey to a fantastic world where we experience a variety of adventures, playing the hero created by us. The game in BandiFight starts with the creation of a character - one of 5 which each has different statics. We still have nothing else to do but begin efforts to occupy a worthy reputation in the city.

Main, Defense and Crit statistics point to the appropriate character statistics. It looks like this:

Main Defence Crit
Bandit Strength Dexterity Luck
Thief Luck Dexterity Intelligence
Boy Intelligence Durability Luck
Kid Dexterity Durability Strength
Nerd Durability Strength Luck



This is your main statistic which is responsible for the strength of your attack. It is const, but when items are added, the strength of the attack will be in the range.
The strength of the attack is calculated by the formula:
1 + (your_main_stat / 2) - (your_main_stat_at_your_opponent / 5)
Your opponent's attack strength is calculated analogously. So to fight you need to develop all statistics to be strong against each character, but the main should be a priority. Items such as weapons will have a range of damage points added and will be random between the minimum value and the maximum with each hit.


She is responsible for the amount of life and is calculated from the formula:
your_defence_stat * 10 + 5
So if you have, for example, 12 points of defense statistics, the number of health points is 125.


The statistics determining the chance of a critical hit are calculated from the formula:
(your_crit_stat / 3) - (opponent_crit_stat / 3 / 7)
However, the maximum chance is 50%. Some items will be able to increase the chance of a critical hit, bypassing this limit.

After winning the fight you gain from 100 to 150 experience points + rounded square root of your opponent's experience points, and between 10 and 30 reputation points + rounded square root of your opponent's reputation points. Money between 5 and 25. If you play Boy or Nerd, your experience points are increased by 10%, reputation points reduced by 10% and less money by 3$.

In addition, you have a 5% chance of getting some SBD.

If you lose, you get between 10 and 30 points of experience and your reputation is reduced by between 10 and 30 points.

Of course, the rules of combat can change/expand over time. When this happens, we will inform you in a special post.

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Is it too late to get a character?
It looks interesting... something new.

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No, just upvote and resteem :)

29.08.2019 05:41

Thanks for sharing how the stats work!

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