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"I knew that sooner or later this moment would come!"

Mendoza gazed anxious along the Bananafish Club stage. Machete was sprawled on the floor and moaned faintly, trying to untangle his greasy hair from the strings of the guitar, while Tres Culos legs sprouted motionless from behind the bass amp. Even the granitic Tìo Billy had collapsed, in the throes of the most colossal drunkenness, and his large, square head did not rise from the snare drum.
For the first time in their bizarre career, the Tortilla de Pelo were in such bad condition that they couldn't play.
There was only one thing to do. Mendo grabbed the microphone and turned to the audience:

"Tonight we decided to do something different, really free and punk! Instead of us playing, why don't you go up on stage and show us your favorite music? The one that helped you in the dark moments, that gave you strength or that moved you... or simply the music you can't get out of your head. Come on, it's up to you now! "

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[photo by @marcoriccardi]

Hello, dear Bananafish wanderers!

We keep growing at a fast pace through the selfless delegations from our members!
The good news keeps flowing in the potassium rivers of the Realms. @bananafish now reached a considerable amount of 5,418 SP, being able to sustain every writer and poet till a max vote value of $0.08!

While our established contests Finish the Story, Mizu No Oto, and Tell a Story To Me keep on sailing in full sails, this is the time for another Flash Contest! Here's the question for you all:

Tell us about a song or a music that’s very important for you (as our iconic antihero Mendo said).

To be eligible for the rewards = I would like to know the song title, the artist and in what direction it changed or influenced your life. Writing it in the comment section in place of a single post is fine. Linking the actual song/music is fine. Linking a video of you singing/playing it is super fine!



Every participant will receive one @steembasicincome share + 50 SNAX tokens, and the best reply will earn a prize of 10 STEEM! Deadline is the article's payout.
The jury will be composed by @f3nix, @marcoriccardi and @tristancarax

Deadline is the post's payout


Mendoza and I are so eager to learn about your favorite music. I hope that everyone will find inspiration and good listening ideas.

This is not mandatory for the contest but we would really appreciate it. For those of you that still didn't enter in the Bananafish Realms Discord Community, here's a special key to open the interdimensional portal! See you all there and enjoy this little bonus contest!


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Well, I'm a big consumer of music and it's hard enough for me to pick a favorite song or one that has changed my life in some way. But I'll try.

Among the first options, thinking generically I could choose some great classic songs like "Stairway to Heaven" or "Bohemian Rhapsody", songs that I've heard hundreds of times (maybe thousands) and that I can keep listening to until eternity without ever getting bored. but as I said before this is in a generic way, those songs are my favorite but do not have a meaning so important as to say that has changed my life in some way.

So, looking among my most intimate musical tastes, the musical interpretations that generate the greatest feeling are those of my children playing their songs, among these songs I would choose the Barcelona song, was one of the first interpretations of my son with his mandolin and has a very important meaning for me.

You can hear my three little ones interpreting an instrumental cover of the song here:

But well, being objective, the musical facet of my boys just starts and represents the music in this stage of my life, but my life extends much further back. So if I have to choose a song that has changed my life, at least in the musical aspect, I have to choose that first song that for the first time made me interested in music and that theme is, Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

There are several reasons why I have chosen this theme, first of all, every time I listen to this song I immediately return to my childhood, I remember that, once a week, I would sit next to my dad to watch a war series called "Tour of Duty" known as "Peloton del Deber" in Venezuela, and it was one of the very few things I shared with my father. (Fortunately, in the 80/90s we children could watch violence on TV without it disturbing us or causing us traumas).

At the age I had, I didn't understand English, I didn't know what the song said, nor who sang it, nor the name of the song. But the guitar in the theme gave me its own message: to move forward in spite of the difficulties, or, placing it in the context of the mentioned series, to move forward in spite of being bombed, ambushed, being on the verge of death, etc. At least that was what I felt for then.

That would be the theme that would define my musical taste for much of my life, maybe if I had not known, I would never have been interested in music, or maybe, listen to today's Caribbean music that is listened to more in my country, but I've never liked, who knows?

Here's the intro to the TV series "Tour of Duty", with the theme Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, enjoy:

21.07.2019 19:09

Very touching story. I have no clue what it would be like to live that way, especially as a child, and I hope that I never have too.

I thought about going into the army once upon a time. I'm so glad I was talked out of it and/or never really serious about going that route after the movies I'd seen while growing up.

  • (Fortunately, in the 80/90s we children could watch violence on TV without it disturbing us or causing us traumas).

LOL - The news channels in the U.S. stopped running footage of the wars the U.S. was in after they learned that the public couldn't handle actual people dying and started to speak out against the war. However, as long as it is "entertainment," that is okay because it's just a movie and then there isn't nothing to see over heRe and/or thEre.

23.07.2019 03:38

Thank you for sharing this heartfelt comment with us. I'm dying to listen to your beautiful children playing Barcelonesa, but for some reason the DTube video continues to load and never starts.

It strikes me a lot that music has helped you develop a pacifist conscience, because for me it was like that.

I didn't know the Tour of Duty series, but I documented myself and discovered that here in Italy it had been translated very eloquently with the title "Vietnam Addio" (goodbye Vietnam).

23.07.2019 22:59

sometimes DTube can be quite frustrating. I just uploaded the same video to YouTube if you still want to see it.

25.07.2019 01:34

Thank you! Now I can see and listen to it! They are adorable, you have a whole band here!

27.07.2019 18:38

Oh yeah, they're the greatest blessing of my life.

27.07.2019 18:43

For as much as I would like to participate, it's technically impossible for me, there is not a single song I can name and say it's my favourite, every single possible emotion, feeling, sensation, passage in my life have a song carved into it, from Classical music, to keygen 8/16bit music passing by the 60's, 70's, 80's, some of the 90's, electronic, pop-rock, goth?, experimental, ambient, elevator music, trance, various genres of metal, name almost every music genre and I probably have quite a few "favourites", and I stopped listening lots of genres and songs, for reasons that don't matter here and now, so I'll leave this contest for those who can actually choose one favourite song/music..I just want to say that, have been following Your work, even thou I don't participate that often, love pretty much everything, so please do continue the amazing work You've done, keep it up ^^)But I'll let here a song that I love and might seem "paradoxical" given the fact I'm Sikh and believe in God..

All the best,

22.07.2019 01:38

@cyberspacegod - Nice of you to stop by and thanks for reading the work found here in the realms.

I would like to be the first to let you know that when we get the new and improved machine that zaps our delicious stories directly into your brain via little fish with wires, you'll be the first to know. We ... ah ... had problems with the last prototype. No, I don't want to talk about. Watching people going mad and thinking they were the Tortillas only to find out later while on stage in front of the beer bottle-throwing, the drug-induced, crazed psychotic crowd did they remember who they were before that fateful night. I can't go on ... But I ain't one to gossip so you ain't heard that from me.

23.07.2019 03:57

You're very welcome ^^)Can't wait to be zapidy zapped by that..

Cheers mate,

23.07.2019 04:25

thanks for the warm support and thanks for the fantastic song, which I didn't know. In my opinion, being a believer does not exclude a harsh and polemical dialectic with the object of one's belief. If I remember my religion lessons well, wondering about God is a form of searching for God, but perhaps I am talking about these things too lightly, because I am an atheist. Sorry if I lacked respect.

I would be inclined to consider the song you posted as your participation, would you like?

23.07.2019 23:09

Dear @BananaFish Servant Marco xP,Honestly I do agree with You, but had to describe it as "paradoxical" because I've heard that quite a lot =X..Again we agree, to wonder about something, whether God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster is indeed searching for it ^^)It's very cool that You're atheist, I've been one before ^^), and contrary to a great majority of religious people/entities, I won't judge You for that, it's Your way/path in life, You are the one responsible for believing or not and I don't believe that that will take You to "hell", hell is where we are now xD, also one of my closest friends is atheist and we have some very awesome talks about spirituality/religion (I really don't like organized religion and find it as a problem for humanity, or the lack of it..).You definitely didn't disrespect in any form or way, we're totally good, even if You have said something that could be considered disrespectful, it would then be on my end to feel or not disrespected, and I have to say that I much appreciate Your care about the subject. Thank You!!Yeah, You can consider it for the contest, probably wouldn't be my #1 choice, still, it's not a bad one either, XTC - Dear God is one of the songs that, by making me question God, end up being a good exercise to remember all the things that reassure my personal belief ^^) (just for a bit of context).It was a pleasure Marco, and thank You for specifying that, ohh and also send my compliments to @F3nix if You happen to seem him around, haven't talked with him for a while ;)All the the best to You,

23.07.2019 23:57

Ciao @cyberspacegod! Better late than never as they say 😛 I like the "Bananafish servant Marco" looks very 1984 haha cheers!

18.08.2019 15:45

Ciao @F3nix, how have You been? Everything good?True, better later than never, and since it's "never" late.. x)We're living 1984 so I like him too.. ×ÐKeep in touch, have a great time, all the best mate,

18.08.2019 16:51

Full post:

The except that matters:

Song: Soft Smoke
Album: Hot Pink
Artist: The Pink Spiders

“With your back to the wall you’re going to be the lonely one, if you dance all night, you’re going to be loved.”

And that’s what I wanted. So that’s what I did, and that line stays with me, sitting on the sidelines only excludes myself. I am replaceable, someone else will dance all night, it’s up to me if I want that to be me or not. Then, it meant braving talking to people at other schools, going on dates, going to parties with them, and eventually, I found a place. Now, it’s a reminder that when I don’t feel welcome, when people tell me they’d prefer someone else and don’t even realize why that might hurt my feelings, that standing with my back to the wall might mean no one can stab it, it might seem safe, but I won’t have fun there. Got to take the risk and put myself out there if I want the payoff. Get back to dancing Cal.

“Don't know where to start, you're breaking my heart, how's anybody supposed to love you, baby till you do?”

I often need a good shake on self-acceptance, but what I love abut this phrase, is it gives me a way to approach it. I am making myself hard to love, I need to make myself easy to love. By focusing on the reasons I don’t like myself, I am making them big, and big to other people too. If I want other people to accept me, I have to. It’s the first two lines that really make it hit home for me. Where do you start loving someone who is a big ball of self-hate, they have to give you an in, and it is heart breaking. It was breaking my heart too, and hearing that, just hit me like a truck, and somehow still does. There were a lot of lines, in a lot of songs, that for better or for worse, I took to heart and lived by, and it gave me the confidence to defy some of the norms around me, and I found freedom in a lack of acceptance that let me be myself, and through that, people who did want me, who I wasn’t replaceable to. This one comes back to me, and I am so glad it does, I can't ignore it.



I just wanted to join in to promote both the contest, and the band, so count me out of the prize pot ;)

22.07.2019 14:26

That's fantastic, @calluna! Let me comment a little bit more on your post!

23.07.2019 23:50

Sorry, I haven't been around and writing just too busy. But this one is easy to tell you about. Green Day When I Come Around.

really the whole album was something I listened to all the time.

When this came out I was 13. I have loved all their music even the so-called bad albums. I have seen them live 5 times now. I have grown up with them and watch them go from a young punk band to an old band with songs with great messages. I am very gald I started to listen them them.

23.07.2019 00:49

I like green day, especially its classics also bring me fond memories. Great favorite song

23.07.2019 13:17

Thank man

23.07.2019 23:45

The Tortilla de Pelo enthusiastically agree with you!

23.07.2019 22:38

good to know

23.07.2019 23:45

I've always liked them. I've never been to one of their concerts though. That must have been fun.

24.07.2019 04:35

My Sweet Lord, by George Harrison.

I have always been attracted to spirituality, as George was, which always made him my favorite Beatle. I'm an atheist, but I have studied many religions and studied under a few zen masters in Japan. All this led me to my love of haiku and my haiku translations (which I really need to start posting on here again one of these days).

Anyway, when I discovered this song by George I was blown away. Such passion from him, such yearning to find the answer to who or what is behind all this. The song speaks to me on a number of different levels.

23.07.2019 02:51

It's a very nice song. I hope to see those haikus soon.

23.07.2019 13:19

George was also my favorite Beatle, I'm an atheist too, attracted by spirituality too, and I can say that I really like haiku, otherwise I wouldn't have done 34 editions of a haiku contest called Mizu No Oto (I hope you will participate soon).

  • Marco
23.07.2019 22:42

I remember my mom telling me that the Beatles were considered as "Devil's" music by her mother. It didn't stop her from listening though. lol

I've never been a big fan of the Beatles. I missed that time appearently. Not all works speak to us the same. 8-) Maybe my next life...

I think that it is interesting that you can connect with the song being an atheist.

24.07.2019 04:45

Hearing this song, this band as a child, spoke to me innumerable ways. The feeling would flash and energize my body, my spirit. I would not come to understand the content or context of the song until much later. This sound, this feeling however, would follow me to this day. The joy and power this song brought me, in a time where I did not realize I was fighting for my freedom, autonomy, and sovereignty continues to be unparalleled. I could listen to this song on repeat for weeks and not tire of the lightening that courses my body, the fire that is stoked in my spirit. This song is tied to memories of my childhood, to my hometown, to my rebellious nature. This song started my obsession with rock/punk music and a memory I will never forget: my strict conservative, religious father gifted me this album's CD behind my mother's back. I was shocked, considering this was "devil music", according to them, but he said he knew how much I loved them. It was that moment, I remember, love crosses the imaginary human lines put down.

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23.07.2019 14:29

Great song, great band, and great story! Thank you for sharing a piece of you with us (your father was great too, giving you the CD...he established an unbreakable bridge)

23.07.2019 23:54

I believe I was a teen when that came out. I liked to sing along thinking that I knew the words. Truth be told, I've never looked at the lyrics until now.

Your dad is so awesome for doing that! What a neat bonding experience. One of my favorite quotes that I have seen floating around is that not everyone says they love you with words and that example pops up here. Thanks for sharing.

25.07.2019 04:01

Oh, the Beatles! How not to love them?

23.07.2019 23:55

This song is called 11:11 by a Korean singer named Taeyeon (태연 in Korean). By that time I was caught (and still am) by the K-Pop "wave". One of the reasons I like K-pop is because usually the songs tend to be "happy" and many help you feel good if you're sad; mix that with not knowing any korean and you get just in the mood of the melody. By the time this song was released I didn't enjoy any ballad (in any language) because I thought they were cheesy and I never connected to them... Until I got involved in a "friendzone" situation (I don't believe in it, but let's continue the story) . I got really heartbroken and I re-listened to the song (with the translation at hand), and the lyrics expressed what I felt at that time. This song helped me live my heartbreak intensely and dramatically (so it kind of hurted more than it should), but it helped me to move on fast. I started to like (and began to enjoy) all sorts of ballads. I realized I had never stopped to truly learn what the lyric of ballads said and that's why I never connected with something different than pop, K-pop, electronic music, or anything "happy.

23.07.2019 17:03

Everyone has a "soft spot", I guess... and I think part of becoming an adult also lies in beginning to appreciate more reflective songs, which speak of profound feelings (something that perhaps when we are younger we shy away because it embarrasses us)

24.07.2019 00:12

Oh, yes. I had a few songs like that I'd listen to over and over, romanticizing out what could have been but what was never going to happen and a song like you've shared comes in at the right time.

This was my first time listening to this Korean music. Catchy stuff. I can see myself seeking it out in the future. I like to have music on when I studying but the music has to be without words or in a different language most of the time. It reminds me of a genre called indie-folk, of which is of the happy nature but in words that I can understand.

Glad you made it through that girl. I hope you found better.

25.07.2019 04:44

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the song. It is also a good music to study with.

26.07.2019 13:58

This is my favorite soundtrack.

The composers are 2 women. Yoshino Aoki and Akari Kaida

I used to play the game with my high school sweetheart before she passed away. It's a very nostalgic piece for me and during the time it was a very memorable experience playing through the game.

23.07.2019 17:11

Thank you for sharing your music and your bittersweet memory with us.

24.07.2019 00:15

I've enjoyed playing video games but only a few time have I gotten their soundtracks.

Sad to hear about your sweetheart. Thanks for sharing.

25.07.2019 04:58

@doggodfroglog, wanted you to know that I did, over two days, listen to the entirety of this entry. 8-)

26.07.2019 23:11

@bananafish, One music piece really inspired me and that is World Cup Song named as Waving Flag.

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23.07.2019 21:36

A very positive song! Thank you!

24.07.2019 00:23

Thank you so much and welcome. Have a pleasant time ahead.

24.07.2019 16:21

Fun song.

26.07.2019 23:10


27.07.2019 16:12

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24.07.2019 02:30

Thank you @contestkings!

24.07.2019 13:32

My favourite melody is Nubole Bianche composed by Ludovico Einaudi : for what it makes me feel, for who it makes me be; in the most difficult moments when I listen to it, tranquillity arises, peace in my soul and I perceive the world with optimism. I love this melody, it impels me to exteriorize my best possible self and feel the greatness of life.

Piano, directing and editing by me, Alexander Flemming
Main photography by Morten Aagaard

I wrote a poem that expresses a little what it makes me be when I listen to it:

You're my company
You give me joy
so soft and deep
you second me.

With you I achieve
show my inner self,
you raise me to heaven
you wrap me in verses,
I land and feel light.

I feel that anything is possible
that the universe is good
And even though I'm crying
I smile again.

He's taking over me.
that good side,
I can forgive
and love without remedy.

Sublime melody
how much I owe you!
if you water my soul
with sweet consolation,
you make my hair stand on end,
you make me think
in a perfect world.

I'm a better person
and conquer my fears,
I think I touch the sky
and extend my flight.

You inspire me and I feel
than to love one's neighbor
is the real thing.

Ludovico Einaudi
I'm grateful to you,
for your composition
makes me a better person,
Well, listen to her.
gives me hope,
may God bless you
the rest of your life


24.07.2019 17:02

This is the one piece of music that hits home for me too. It sends tingles throughout my body when listening to it.

You poem was enjoyable to read.

26.07.2019 23:15

This melody is for me: peace, love, kindness and hope. I am very happy that someone else experiences something similar when they hear it, long live the music.

27.07.2019 13:29

Thank you for sharing this song and your poem. Both give us peace and joy, because they come from a kind soul. Sometimes we forget how important it is to be quiet and to be caressed by delicate sounds and thoughts.

27.07.2019 18:41

Those invisible caresses, ...
Those silent words, ...
That emotion that transforms you, ...
... is the song that mentions you, that you are special.

27.07.2019 20:01