Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@bambuka) open letter to you!

Hey there Justin Sun !

We all live in a very difficult time. The corona virus is simply an excuse and cover for the global crisis of mankind. However, simple and important people perish from it. The virus doesn't care who it kills. He is not bad and not good. He just lives like that.

Steemit reminds me of a model of the outside world. The same people live here and the same social laws apply. What is above is below.

According to these laws, you are the owner of this platform. You have invested in its purchase and are now counting on your property.

I want to remind you that Steemit is a complex system inherently. This system consists of individual elements, the relationships between them and tends to remain in dynamic equilibrium. This means that external disturbances are absorbed due to the reaction of the interconnections of the elements of the system and it remains stable.

You have purchased a system. This system has shown its survivability and ability to develop. The value of this system lies precisely in its viability and stability.
Observing the latest events, I see that you have had a strong external impact on this system. The system responded with its internal relationships and elements. She has built a counter-force and so far some balance is maintained. This equilibrium can be described as unstable.

In this situation, there is little strength left for self-development and prosperity. This can lead to stagnation and ultimately to the destruction of the system in conditions of external competition.

Only sustainable equilibrium contributes to development and prosperity.

Possible options for the development of the situation.

1.You continue to increase pressure on the system, trying to subordinate it to yourself (introduce centralized management). That is, you will rebuild the relationships within the system and introduce new elements while destroying the old ones. The system continues to try to maintain balance. You are a strong player and suppose you have achieved your goal. This will mean that the old system will cease to exist (the principle of its operation will change).
You will have to build a new system with new elements and new relationships. Profit from the new system will not begin immediately. This means that for some time you will not only have profits from the new system, but on the contrary will have expenses. Then a reasonable question, why destroy the established mechanism? Or why did you have to buy it? You could just hire wokers to develop your system to your requirements. It would be cleaner, more honest and more efficient. Especially when you destroy the Steemit system, you also incur reputation losses.

2.If you have the wisdom not to increase the pressure, then the current unstable balance will remain for some time. However, the system will spend energy not on development, but on maintaining stability. These are high costs and they will not bring you, as the owner of the system, any bonuses. And this is again the reputational losses that are inevitable in the conduct of hostilities.

3.If you have enough wisdom and courage to sit down at the negotiating table and work out a solution that will suit both you and Steemit, then you will get a ready-made source of income that has good development prospects. To do this, it was really worth acquiring the rights to this platform. The system will return to a state of stable dynamic equilibrium and will be even stronger. This will be an investment in the future on your part. Plus, your reputation as a business partner capable of solving difficult tasks will grow.

I am not sure that you will read this letter and my voice will be heard and counted. But I had to tell you this. In fact, you have a choice. Or you break, what you bought so expensive and you have a big headache. Or you are effectively using your new acquisition.
Of course, it is up to you to decide.

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I choose to tag my friends @apnigrich, @qwerrie, @tattoodjay, @ewkaw, @nikv/

I actually can not speak for all of them and some may disagree with my opinion on the situation. But if you have the time to do so, get active and write your own letters. We all here, every single one has an voice that is important to be heard and that counts as much as any other voice too. Take your chance and fight for your Blockchain !

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17.03.2020 21:08
What a true and different picture they present of the situation we are all forced into.

Thank you for that.

What is their picture of a future?

Thank you and

free fall down the rabbit.hole

17.03.2020 22:45

My Pleasure @ВlueRabbit!

Sometimes people don’t understand what exactly they can get.
They simply do not know the laws of development of large systems.

18.03.2020 12:34

So it is,
and that is exactly why we need to show new options.
see you on Hive

19.03.2020 01:02

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19.03.2020 07:50

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19.03.2020 07:50

Пастернака не читал но осуждаю.
Блин, перешел на режим сна в 4 часа. Коронавирус всё фигня... вот на работе у нас, что те на вулкане...

18.03.2020 13:45

)) это письмо уже не актуально. 20.03.20 будет раздвоение стима, отпочкуется улей и скорее всего с пчёлами. Сан ничего уже не сделает с этим. Останется с тем, что купил, но без того содержания, что было на момент покупки. Это если в 2-х словах.
Береги себя, работа приходящее, здоровье дороже))

18.03.2020 15:15