Mega #mushroommonday

Yes. I used a hashtag and boy do I feel hip. I'm not sure #mushroommonday is a thing, but I recall seeing something like that. I suppose I could look at it myself, but I would rather work on this post instead. If there is a #mushroommonday we should change it to #fungifriday.... I've been known to be a fun guy.

Moving on!

It's a great time of year for mushrooms here in Northern Germany and I have been noticing them popping up all over and smelling them too!

I have taken it upon myself to try and learn a few species around the house and would like to share them with you today. I won't go into much detail, but here are a few and what I think they are.


I found these cool little guys growing on a dead branch next my my driveway. They look like Jelly Babies and in fact i am certain that they are. I think it would be cool to grow something like this in a terrarium in the house, but I don't think @mrsbadger would approve.


This amazing looking fungi is a Red Edged Brittlestem and you can see why they have the name. One tiny tap and they fall over but that's all it takes at they spread their spores for the next crop to grow.


These you will find growing all over Europe and probably in you back yard. This Nitrous Bonnet was growing in mine. I love the classic mushroom look on these bonnets.


Here is a stinkhorn... He doesn't stink so bad anymore because he has entered into maturity and lost his black head and the majority of his awful smell. It is easily mistaken for the scent of a rotting dead animal and I can smell them from pretty far away, 50 meters or so. Yuck!


Here are the only poisonous species I found and it's alarming that it they are growing right in my own backyard. I hope the kids and dog stay away! It it's called a common earthball. And you will see them all over the place. I never knew that they were poisonous until now!

Sadly, I didn't find any edibles but I will keep looking and let you know!

Recognize any of these fungi? Let me know!

Have a good work week!


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Lovely mushroom!

16.09.2019 09:12

Thank you!

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16.09.2019 11:34

Love the tag #mushroommonday! We had a recent rash of rains (more than normal) and it brought out a lot of fungi. I snapped some pics so I'll try to make a post using the hashtag. Headed out to work now, so it will be this evening.

I recognize some of the ones in your pics and I think I have the earthballs too.

16.09.2019 09:40

Oh, can't wait!!! Please tag me so don't miss it! And can resteem it.
.yeah those earthballs are all over the place.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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16.09.2019 11:36

That tag did catch My eye! So yes mushroommonday are here to stay

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16.09.2019 09:49

I hope so!

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16.09.2019 11:35

the stinkhorn is very ... eye catching. fun post!!

16.09.2019 10:15

Yeah, you should see it when the head is black! Thank you!

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16.09.2019 11:36

Just did My mushroommonday post !

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16.09.2019 13:38