Last #mushroommonday of 2019

Good day!

You can see by the lack of #mushroommonday posts today that there just aren't many mushrooms left out there.

Therefore, I am officially announcing that this will be my last #mushroommonday post of 2019.

For today's post, I went out in woods by my house to see if there was anything left out there.


I found these cool mushrooms growing near the side of my house. There isn't much I know about them except their name Hairy curtain crust or Stereum hirsutum (LC). The internet tells me they are too tough to eat.


There were a few patches of these guys left and I saw in @eglep’s post that she had seen some today as well.


They are a type of tuft which is normally very hardy (explains why they are the only mushrooms left out there) and poisonous.

I think the ones growing in my yard are Sulphur tuft or Hypholoma fasciculare (LC).

This post challenge started a few weeks ago and I am so pleased to see how many people took part in it. I want to thank everyone for participating and also everyone who has supported these #mushroommonday posts.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, we look forward to your posts! 😉

By doing these posts together we can learn so much! I know I did.

Thanks again,


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Wow very beautiful

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04.11.2019 13:01

Thank you! I am not very good at taking pictures but I am trying 🤣

04.11.2019 13:03

Nice, too bad the weather is ending the mushroom season. Now its time to dig in the archives from summer :-). Those sulphur tufts look tasty too bad they are poisonous :-(

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04.11.2019 13:05

They do look tasty! I will be looking forward to some nice summery mushroom posts this winter!

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04.11.2019 13:07

I have learned a lot from the mushroom posts, too! Thanks!

04.11.2019 13:44

Glad to hear it 😁

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04.11.2019 15:04

I've just discovered this cool tag. Thanks for organizing it. I look forward to its return.

04.11.2019 14:46

It's a great group! We have had a lot of fun.

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04.11.2019 15:05
Wonderful mushroom pictures @balticbadger
Any mushrooms growing out there now are totally cool..😊 !!!
Mushroom season is just to darn short...😔..!
04.11.2019 17:45

It is to short! Thank you so much!

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04.11.2019 18:42

I think that if I go to the forest, I can find something from mushrooms there. It may even be possible to fry them with potatoes. the trouble is that the weather is not conducive to forest walks :-)

04.11.2019 19:09

Howdy sir badger! yeah these mushroom posts are a great idea. I bet in the spring the woods will be bursting with all kinds!

09.11.2019 06:54