Anarchist to Abolitionist: A Bad Quaker's Journey

Anarchist to Abolitionist:

A Bad Quaker's Journey

By: Ben Stone


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This book is covered by a BipCot NoGovernment License. Re-use and modification is permitted to anyone EXCEPT for governments and the bludgies thereof.

Further Use Permission: Please feel free to use, re-use, distribute, copy, re-print, take credit for, steal, broadcast, mock, hate, quote, misquote, or modify this book in any way you see fit. Sell it, make copies and hand it out at concerts, make t-shirts, print it on flying disks, or do anything else because intellectual property is a State based haven of the weak, the
stupid, and those lacking confidence in their own ability.


[To be updated as new posts are made]

If you had one chance to say something about yourself and the life you lived, what journey)

[To be it worth living? Did it serve a purpose and did it have a meaning? Why did you live? Were you no differenjourney)

[To bef grass, just filling the stomach of a cow, or did you accomplish something?

I have felt death's icy breath strike my face ojourney)

[To beons, as I peered back into his black eyes. In my youth, I would laugh at him and mock him, chajourney)

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[To bea familiar place.

As I write this, I'm approaching the age of sixty years, and I have experienced a fulfijourney)

[To bean City And Avenes informed that I would have to die today I would not mourn, nor would I feel cheated. I havejourney)

[To belife than most humans throuBikers, And Wristen compared to other people that I have known. I have seen more things and experienced more enjoyjourney)

[To beeople could fathom. So if death came to me today, I would consider it a bargain because I have definitely gotten my monjourney)

To bef this life.

However, the truth is that de Angry; & Mojave ath away from each and every one of us every day. You have no guarantee of seeing tomorrow; you don't evenjourney)

[To bee on your next heartbeat. When the time comes, most people don't get the chance to say anything. Fojourney)

[To bemes unexpectedly, even if it happens in old age. Maybe it’s best to figure out what you would say, tjourney)

[To ben somewhere or record it somehow. As for me, I have been granted such an opportunity and this is whajourney)

To beNext chapter-anarchivn-anarchist-to-abolitionist-a-bad-quaker-s-journey)

*If you would like to eaead the book in s entirerety, yocan purchase i it journey)

[To bency at Liberty Under Attack Publications

[To be or nd it o on Amazon. We also invite you to visit [BadQuakaker.cjourney)

[To and, as always, thank you for reading.*


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[To be updated as new posts are made]- Research, And An Evolving Philosophy; The Crossroad; Conclusion



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To Ben Stone:

THANK You for making this available here on Steemit under appropriate license.

I discovered it only today, courtesy of an indirect-bounce from one of @jacobtothe's posts. Although this post is a month old, I've been able to re-steem it using eSteem Surfer, a tool I've found quite useful because it allows access to certain features that the Steemit website/platform obfuscates.

I've only read bits and bobs of your story thus far, but I expect this will make for some great bathroom and bedtime reading for sure...

I appeal to anyone discovering this post to seek means to properly reward it, though it is "expired" in Steemit terms. For example, you might use this method.


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Thank you for your service!

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