The Steemit Crypto Academy Week 5 || Security problems in cryptocurrency || @gbenga

Нет проблем с безопасностью криптовалюты, проблема возникает, и люди - это те люди, которые открываются через долгое время и забывают свой пароль, и им нечего делать резервные копии. Но забывает пароль, это случилось со многими людьми, и многие люди не знают, сколько out or something will be blocked.


And one more thing, there is a big problem in the currency, if the number 1,2 is wrong, then it goes somewhere else, whether it is USDT or any other coin, it goes to someone else's account and it does not seem that. Ok let's move on but There should be a little alert to check once or twice that he should say that brother should check whether it is going right or wrong.

I tell my own incident. My father is a very educated man and he had already noticed in crypto currency very long ago. He bought 5,6 ​​bitcoins almost long ago but he has forgotten his password. He still doesn't remember. He has trialled his hardware three times and is on his side for five times. If not open, he will be blocked forever, so he is not even trying. No.

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I pray that your father remembers the password

14.03.2021 17:51