thediarygame 6 March 2021

So today was almost a good day, today I will tell you some new things about it. So let's start

Today I pick up the same morning at 5:00 am on my regular time, I went for a walk and I took my friend friend's dog along for a walk in the morning because my friend was not right then he said take the dog and take a little of your Also put Lana, his dog is a full black dog, see you.



Today, the dog ran twice from my friend, I did not know what happened to him a little bit before or after that, he ran me twice. He was also very tired. I enjoyed it very much in the morning.

After that I came back to Delhi on my journey back home, then I went to the gym, , I exercised for about 2 hours, after that I came, then I ate bananas with the same milk and after that I ate Ramas for breakfast today. .

Then I sat down to study, after that I studied for about 2 hours, today I studied biology, which I like very much, after that, after studying, I ate food, I ate dal rice and roti today, after that I slept again in the afternoon. I woke up at around 3:00 pm, then I was watching a mummy picture, so I saw a picture with her, she was seeing something of the old age, whose name was Porter number 1

After that I also enjoyed a little bit today I did not go out today, I do not feel like going anywhere because my friend had gone out with his aunt, so I did not go anywhere today, after that I had dinner in the evening. Then I played a little bit of badminton and then at night I ran a mobile and slept after drinking milk.

Thank You

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Good Night , Steem On

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