thediarygame 5 March 2021

Hello friends,.
I am really enjoying it by being the part hope you guys enjoying the steemit.

This is my diary,
I am so excited to say my day schedule.


I woke up at 5 in the morning because I had to go to gym at 6o' clock so, I wake up early .After that I went to the bathroom and took a bath. I drank one liter of water. Then I went to biology class which is 1 km away from my house. After coming back, I read the newspaper while drinking milk , I went to Market for buy bananas with my friends.


Around 11 o'clock my friend called me, then I went with him to mohit house. Where I sat for a while and I had eat pappaya and after that I left from there.After coming home, I ate food. then I went out of the house. After that we all met and went to the electricity house. Then we people spent some time there. After that my friend went to his shop, then I came home.

At half past 2 I opened my laptop and started taking online classes .Today my class was 2 hours, after that I started feeling very fast hungry.Then I went to the kitchen to eat food.After that I went to the terrace and walked for a while in the sun, after that I came down.

I called my friend at half past three, after which we all started playing pubg.I played pubg for one and a half hours, after that I put my phone on charging.After that I opened my laptop and started reading css.After that I relaxed for a while watching videos on YouTube and listening to songs. Then i went to highway.


After 1 hour I came back to home then I went to the market to eat eggs for some protein intake . Then I came home at 8:30.After coming home, I ate food. After that I went to the market of getting groundnut and also vegitable.

Thank you for reading this blog up here. I really need to know how many peoples are reading my post completely so if you are reading this line. Just do the comment on what you think about my post and how I was presenting this post whether it is looking good or have to change some alignments so just let me know in the comment section.
Thank You


Good Night , Steem On

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