Apple macbook pro 13" touchbar , broken charger solution

hello everyone ,

i have an Apple macbook pro 13" with touchbar , these types of macbook are charged by one of the 4 thunderbolt USB-C ports instead of the older system " magsafe " .

After searching and searching , i came to the conclusion that it's really the charger and not the usb-c cable that is broken , after 2 years while my adapter never fell of the table and while minutes ago he was still working , suddenly he mysteriously gave up.

As i did 10 years with my other macbook unibody and it's charger , this macbook gave me nothing then shit . If it's not the keyboard that fuck up butterfly bullshit , now it's this ...

becouse no way that i'm buying a new charger , getting frustrated even when thinking about it only .
So after a quick search i found the perfect solution for me ,

it's called ELECJET anywatt , and is simply an adapter from magsafe 1 charger to USB-C adapter as i still have my old magsafe 1 charger working , that saves a lot of money first of all and 2nd you say FUCK OFF APPLE and boycot the fact to have to buy a shitty charger at 80 EURO that is not of better quality then the one that came with the new macbook .

so i wanted to share my solution with you .



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