My Third Feeding Activity|| Find Goodness, Do Goodness @babyjl 5/27/21

Hello Empowered women in Steem Women Club. How are you guys doing? I hope you have a wonderful day today and feeling great. As we know in this world wide pandemic has caused us too fear and uncomfortable in our social life. I alway praying that God will still bless and provide us in our daily needs. I am so grateful today because I have a small savings to give for the less fortunate kids.

Last week at 8 pm, @kyrie1234 initiated a meeting as mentioned in my latest post. And one of our topics was to have a feeding activity. And here it is.


I really want to share to guys how God is good by using me and my co-steemians to make children happy. This is my "THIRD FEEDING ACTIVITY" which were happened in our hometown. The children were very excited.



5 loaves f slice bread
2 big packs of mayonnaise
6 sachets of orange juice
54 pcs. of roller coaster chips


My team was preapring the snacks with my two sisters @elaijah123 and jeyd1109, sister in-laws @ kyrie1234 and @mrs.cuyag and my brother @jmaxswivel. I love them for their act of kindness.



When the snacks are prepared, the children are waiting outside the house.

First, we started up with the prayer which lead by my brother @jmaxswivel. We thank God because he provides everything we need. The prayer was made peacefully because all the children was participated.



Second, We teach the children a small message about the importance of giving and to appreciate even a small things that came in thier lives. I also tell theme why I came up with this idea, not only to help them but also to teach them what is the heartily giving and ask a simple thank you.



I hope in my next feeding activity, I could give more than they recieved today a something better that can fulfill their hunger. I am waiting for God's plan.

A huge thanks to @steemwomanclub for the opportunity to let me know that this kids deserve to smile and feel so much joy in thier heart. I am always grateful to the person who help me mam @svm038 and mam @nadiayasmina for appreciating this @actofkindness @chainofgoodnessactivity. Muchas gracias!!

Love lots,

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Thank you for participating in our Goodness event my dear sister

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@nadiaturrina I already posted my entry

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