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Sunday 12:00pm, I was walking on the road,there I saw a young boy who was crying. I recognized him as he was a waiter in a hotel. People were crossing by but no one actually wanted to know what happened to him. I decided to approach him; he told me that he has lost his job, due to leave for 02 months as his mother was ill. Then the manager did not keep him on job, now he is jobless; don't know where to go. I asked about his qualifications and called my friend who was seeking receptionist for his general store and he agreed to give this boy a job on my request. I took him with me and he got a job.
Now, after 3 months he met me in the market and told me that his two brothers are also working in car washing service in the city and her mother is also shifted here, she is now getting proper treatment. I was surprised on hearing all this , and realized how one good deed can make a big impact for someone.

I am inviting @fatima92 @rashid001 @suboohi

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Exactly, your one minor deed can change the whole life of some one else.
You will be rewarded for this deed surely

24.04.2021 11:23

Thank you @attiyaasghar

24.04.2021 11:29

Indeed a single act can do wonders.
We can't change this cruel world but can change someone's world ❤️
Allah will surely give you reward for this kindness.
May Allah bless you AMEEN.

24.04.2021 17:24

Thanks for appreciating, I didn't knew this act would do wonders for a family.

24.04.2021 18:00