Achievement 2 by @b-blinks Basic Security on Steem

Hello Steemians

Hope you all are doing great ? Am so excited to be here, am done with my Achievement 1 and am moving into my achievement 2 that goes a long way in explaining to us about the basic security of our stem account.

This explanation will help us understand the importance of securing your account and how to use your keys so that no one can access it without your permission or invade your privacy.

In every account there must be a password to enable you log into your page
just like social media platforms that will enable you log into your account, in stem account there are many passwords not just one and this passwords will be required when needful and must be secured properly.
this keys are listed below.

Private posting key: this key can be used to access your account everyday, update post , edit post and comment on post .

Memo key :
Memo keys functions to conceal information and to view encrypted messages received through SMS.

Active key: this key helps you in changing profile, checking your wallet
Screenshot_20210413-210218_Chrome.jpg type steem wallet on your browser, login, type in your username name in the column and then type in your Active key and this will help you access your wallet.
And your power up and power down

Private owner key :
This key can be use in resetting all passwords and used in recovering your accounts if been hacked.

Master key: As the name implies, it is the master to all the keys, when any of the keys have been forgotten, your master key can serve to generate a new one , master key must be well secured because it is the main key amongst all.

These are the major keys in stem account and I have saved all the passwords I listed above in my file and I also have a printed copy at home incase of missing phone .

This is the article about the basic security of a stem account you should know and it is very important you know them, I believe so much that this post will be of help to the new users .
Thank you @cryptokannon for your support and @graciee20 for your assistance.

Special Regards ;

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