Catchy Words - Catch the letters in Augmented Reality

Catchy Words

Catch the letters in Augmented Reality


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Hunter's comment

Hi Hunters,
This application can teach your kids to learn new words or vocabulary. It will visualize in Augmented Reality. They can catch the letters and arrange them into the correct word.

It must be cool!


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25.08.2019 15:00


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25.08.2019 15:06

@azwarrangkuti, cool hunt. I support all these great educational material to help kids learn faster and in a more fun way. Ut is boring when kids are asked to learn vocabulary but when you make it fun and interactive for kids, they learn so much faster and are motivated. Also they can retain better. Great hunt.

26.08.2019 13:20

It's quite impressive and interesting hunt. Teaching and learning will give live and fun experience with AR. And absolutely, kids will love it.

26.08.2019 13:42


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