Is Getting an education a crime for Rahima Akter in Bangladesh? But why?

Rahima Akter was born in Bangladesh after her parents left Myanmar in 1992 and became refugees in Bangladesh. Her parents did not agree to help her to continue education as they have refugee status and she can't continue her higher education in Bangladesh. Rahima have grown up as a registered refugee and living at cox's bazzar refugee camp.

She did not want to stop her education and was trying to fulfil her dream anyhow. I heard that in the UK, there is something called "White lie", The lie may bring something positive. As Rahima Akter was not able to study at a university in Bangladesh, She had to hide her refugee identity to get admission and continue her higher education.

But everything changed in 2018. A video went viral from a refugee camp. Rahima Akter was interviewed and she shared her dream to achieve higher education and know the rights as a human.

She was expelled from her university after her refugee status went viral.

The video interview became a problem for her education and dream. Around 1 million Rohingya living in Bangladesh because Myanmar govt do not accept them as citizens of their country. Thousands of Rohingya were killed, burned and raped by Myanmar arm forces and still, they are in threat if they want to go back to their home country.

Rahima Akter is not the only one, hundred of thousands of young people are in Rohingya refugee camps who can't study in Bangladeshi university. I can't stop tears for Rahima Akter when I watched the video. She again backed to a refugee camp.

The video from trtworld made me think of life meaningless without helping the vulnerable people. I realize the limitation of myself but I am sure I will try the way it is possible.

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Comments 7

So sad, the situation is really terrible, I hope they find help soon

22.09.2019 11:22

@azizbd, This is unfortunate and dark aspect of this World and slowly Human Beings are forgetting the essence of Humanity. Stay blessed.

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22.09.2019 11:41

That's really sad!
I hope she finds a way out.

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22.09.2019 13:19

Do you think there are any international agencies that will be able to help Rahima resume her studies somehow?

23.09.2019 10:37

I believe she will get support from NGOs working in the refugee camp. she already got coverage by some international media. So I hope some agencies will come forward to help her a different way. But it was an example of many untold stories.

23.09.2019 18:54

how can we all help Rahima Akter to help others?
We need people like you and Rahima Akter to find solutions to realize "human-rights" for the future of Humanity.
I see you do a lot @azizbd Thanks and blessings to you

29.09.2019 18:18