Exploring Ultraviolet Photography


I have tried ultraviolet photography in the past with limited success, but today I happened upon something interesting. Whenever I find a flower that looks promising I will shine ultraviolet light on it in the dark to see how it reflects the light. In this case the colors looked better than previous attempts with assorted flower variety's. I am not a flower expert so someone may be able to identify the type of flower, but for me I just care how they look under ultraviolet light. You can spend $500+ for lighting and special filters for this type of photography and maybe someday I will. I am happy using a point and shoot camera with this and a nice portable UV light source. Eye protection is key if you plan to spend a decent amount of time doing this type of photography.


I edited this one in gimp to add some fantasy type sparkling effects while preserving the original look of the image.


Finally here is the original image before edits in Gimp.

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This flower under the ultraviolet light is very gorgeous. Well done! ;)

18.11.2019 12:34

Thanks @tangmo Hopefully I can get some better photos in the future

18.11.2019 15:59

You're welcome! ;)

18.11.2019 19:37

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18.11.2019 14:10

Thanks for all you do

18.11.2019 20:46

That is very sweet. I had never seen it before!

04.12.2019 07:51