Alien Heartbeat Math Art


Let me know if you are interested in the original fractal art I create. If you you enjoy it please upvote, share and leave a comment below. This is my original fractal art based on Math calculations using Mandelbulber 3d and an astonishing amount of cpu power. I was able to form this into what I imagine an alien heart might look like. What do you see in this image? I have a really long video of the formations I created and will share it if enough people are interested.


These are lower resolution images which gives you an idea of how detailed the high resolution images are. The entire video consists of over 4500 images and took over a 30 hours to render using a 32 core processor. Unfortunately the program cant use video cards to help with rendering because of the way the renders are computed and the limitations of the program.


I see faces and different objects as I morph the object using different calculations and lighting methods. Do you see anything interesting or unusual inside the object?

Thanks for having a look at my original digital art and leaving your feedback.

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Amazing alient heartbeat math art! This is very creative idea. Great work! ;)

23.10.2019 17:32

Thanks @tangmo, its fun creating them

24.10.2019 18:45

You're welcome! ;)

24.10.2019 22:09
25.10.2019 18:56