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  • HELLO steem life family members how are you? I hope you will be healthy and well.I always pray that ALLAH Almighty bless everyone good health because there is nothing betteer than good health.
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Now I will tell you about different flowers.I like flowers very much .flowers are source of beauty and cleanliness.I planted so many flowers in my house which looks beautiful.I took many pictures of those flowers.

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  • Have a look at these flowers .These are so refreshing which make heart and eyes refreshing.after seeing these flowers a human being gets happy .In these flowers one has fragrance which is rose flower and the other has no fragrance but looking beautiful not less than rose flower .Both dark red colour looks awesome.Colour of these flowers looks pleasant and attractive.These flowers gets attraction of people from its colour and fragrance.Rose flowers often used to make oil and fragrances .Its fragrance is used all over the world.People like it very much and it makes them happy.These beautiful flowers make my house so beautiful Natural and refreshing.After waking up from sleep in morning when I see these flowers my mind gets refreshed and my mood gets happier.
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Now these flowers are different from previous one but are more beautiful.As we know white colour contains all colours and it has more grace and beauty.These flowers have white colour .These flowers are shiny and look like pearls.Their colour add more beauty and shinning to their nature.people like tthese flowers due to their colour and fragrance.In morning these white flowers look like pearls and so pleasing to the eyes.These flowers also used to make oil and fragrances which are used all over the world.Their long petals making round circle shape looks very good.when these white pearls gathered then that scene is something to see.It looks beautiful, bloomy and refreshing to both eyes and mind.

I like flowers so much .We should plant flowers in our homes and in our area because these flowers make the place beautiful and clean and attractive.We can increase our area beauty with these plants.

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