## The busyness of my life these days

My introduction

I am fine by the grace of Allah Almighty and I hope you all are well I am a student I am doing BBA in University of Akara which is a four year degree program and now my second semester is running I love collecting information about different things. I love poor people very much and I am always ready to help them. I help them even in my distress. Why don't I go through so many difficulties and now I am working on crypto I have been on this platform for about 25 days I was informed about this platform by a friend of mine who took advantage of it for free And after that I started searching on my own and in a few days I started working on this platform with the most complete information about it. .

Spent and then I have earned several thousand rupees from it so far and now I am bringing hundreds of my people in this blockchain.

If there's one thing I like to do after school, it's photography, which I do for my hobby, not to make money. I've been doing photography for almost 3 years now. I have a separate bag for my camera in which I keep things related to my important camera. Wherever you go, I will definitely bring some memorable photos because whenever I look at them, I will always remember them.

Stay fresh and now I feel great in myself looking at these photos I go to do more of my photography with my friends so that I don't have any problems with anyone alone and we I visit different areas especially for photography.

This is a beautiful photo of my University of Okara showing the blue and white the sky in a beautiful scene.


This is a high quality photo of my department which is presenting a beautiful landscape and I am very happy to see it. This photo I took after the rain.


A beautiful view of the sun and the sky that I took with my camera.


The photo I took was by the river in which I saw a nice weather with my friends so I thought I would have some fun with my friends and we decided to go to the Sutlej River together with some friends and go there. We spent an hour and ate and later captured the river and the beauty of this river in our camera.


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Very nice introductory post dear.

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