The power of the third Covid-19 wave in our area.


Friends, the third wave of Covid-19 has taken a very strong effect in our area, people are very much afraid, nowadays there is so pressure from the government that after 6:00 pm all the markets are closed and on friday and saturday are completely locked down.

Masks have been compulsory everywhere, every man must wear mask.


In our area, wearing masks in buses and everywhere in the market in our area. If a man is standing without a mask inside the shop, then the shopkeeper is fined.



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same here sir covid-19 is highly over all the world.
stay safe stay blessed.
Thanks for sharing

03.04.2021 18:46

It is problem for all of us. So save yourself.

03.04.2021 18:54

Thanks for mentioning

03.04.2021 19:40