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Numbers do not lie. BetTronLive, the plug and play live dealer casino has successfully launched garnering over 500 players participating on its first hours of operation, its community growing to more than 12,000 members and with over 5,000 power pick entries.

As far as the number goes no one can deny that, indeed, it was truly successful, which did not come as a surprise given the amount of time and effort the team has poured into the development, creation and marketing of the platform. Due to this many are now aware and extremely excited to discover firsthand what it has to offer.

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BetTronLive has harnessed the power of the Tron network, giving its players a more transparent, efficient, secure and faster gaming ecosystem that will enable them to experience the next generation of online gaming where in BetTronLive and gamers alike partake on the generated revenues of the platform.

The launch saw players scrambling to participate in Lambo Dice, the first game released on the platform. Gamers were eager to mine Rake tokens by playing dice and take advantage of the double Rake mining bonus for the first 48 hours of the platforms operations.*352ES9OO9xLrZtQRa6P8NQ.jpeg"/> Image Source

Lambo Dice is a simple dice game which has a wonderfully designed interface that mimics the dashboard of a sports car. To play, one must just login into their TronLink Chrome extension wallet and go to the Lambo dice game website. Upon reaching the site, BetTronLive platform should automatically recognize your TronLink wallet address and viola! You can start enjoying the Lambo Dice and start raking in those Rake Tokens.

The minimum bet in Lambo Dice is a measly 25 TRX which is far less than your typical minimum bets in brick and mortar Casinos. Players are able to adjust the odds of the game per roll giving them the option to indicate a 4-96 under bet. 4 under means the player has a 3% chance of winning but giving you the highest returns on the players bets 96 under gives a 94% chance of winning but gives the lowest returns per roll.*rmfVZrfBFoNMlZhd-3uBUA.jpeg"/> Image Source

Win or Loss you earn Rake Tokens which is proportionate to the minimum amount of TRX wagered for 1 Rake currently at 300 TRX. The first 48 hours will see players earnings double Rake rewards as incentives for early adopters, effectively lowering the minimum to 150 TRX. The developers also incorporated Nitro Rolls which enables automated betting for those looking to mine Rake 24/7.

Your TronLink wallet it will be your source of funds and revenue. When you bet TRX, the amount that you bet and lost will be automatically deducted from your TRX balance. When you win, it will be added automatically to your wallet. Technically, you never lose custody of your funds as they all remain in your wallet and wagers are executed on-chain via a smartcontract.*gIkMSGIQq_J22-_08nnH7A.png

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The BettronLive team really put in all the efforts to give the best gaming experience to their players, deploying their platform in one of the most scalable and fastest growing blockchain in the crypto sphere, dishing out one of the biggest giveaways in the history of Tron network and promising to develop even more games in the future that will whet the appetite of its gaming community. So don't be left behind be a part of BetTronLive community and experience blockchain enhanced gaming at its Best.

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Great, Thank you for a detailed post.

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Congrats for the successful launch of the platform. Lambo dice is perhaps the best-looking dice game I have seen so far in ay platform. A great starting point to mine the Rake tokens.

04.08.2019 08:20