Hi Steemit community,

Good morning and happy Weekend too. It is a very great privilege to participate in this on going STEEM campaign initiative by @stephenkendal , I saw this when my husband @mattsanthonyit went to make a design about I 💕 STEEM later last evening and quickly sent him a WhatsApp message to make one for me as well but due to the fact that I'm a nursing mother I could not write when others are writing accept my apologies.

Why I Love Steem.

I will be very brief here because I want others too to learn from me. I will say this and over again, I love Steem because it provides for my family till date, even as of now when the STEEM rewards is nothing to write home about, it still render help to my family.

I will also include this, I also love STEEM because it saves my Life. When I was in the hospital about to deliver my child, guess what? My husband went ahead and sold nearly all of his STEEM REWARDS ☹️ ☹️☹️ and quickly transfer it to the Doctor's Account to start the Hospital 🏥 Operation for me to save the life of the mother and the child.

STEEM also provide food for us. How? Even when we have STEEM REWARDS crawling on the ground, my husband will sell his STEEM rewards and buy me and my child foodstuffs, and even fill in more gasoline as well. What else can I say?

I Love STEEM 💘 so much.

Thanks to everyone supporting myself and my husband @mattsathonyit. We say Thanks so much. E se ooo

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That baby!!! 🥰🥰🥰😚😚

20.10.2019 21:14

Smile, thank you💕💕💕

26.10.2019 03:51