Rumble : The Best Formation 12 Mana Splinterlands
Currently my second season in the splinterlands, I bought a $10 staterpack and then continue to fight to what extent 20% learn to understand this game, assisted by friends who have played first, successfully completing the first season with the Silver I league achievement well, getting 18 cards. The second season is only 2 days left, and the Silver League III position will get 12 cards, in this second season I again bought 1 pack untamed and a few Monster cards, I learned the best 12 formations here, this is my battle, hopefully inspiring beginners to enthusiasm :

12 best lv1 fire and earth formations as a result of a draw, then on the advice of friends, if you use the Death team, then the results will not draw, and it is indeed proven:

Formation 12 death team ☠ winning formation 🏆

I have total already bought 2 untamed packs and am waiting to get an airdrop, hoping to win this contest once to reach Gold Leage in the next season.

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