NEWS : There are 2 Astronomical Phenomena Today: Asteroids, Solar Eclipses

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Two astronomical phenomena will occur tomorrow, Thursday, December 26, 2019, which is a giant asteroid that is sliding toward Earth and a ringed solar eclipse. According to NASA's aviation and space agencies, the asteroid is potentially dangerous.

The following details these two phenomena:

  1. Asteroid

A giant asteroid will approach Earth on December 26, 2019, the day after Christmas. NASA asteroid trackers at the Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) estimate the size of the space rock between 280 meters to 620 meters.

The asteroid, dubbed CH59, glides toward Earth at speeds of more than 44 thousand kilometers per hour. With high speed, the asteroid will approach Earth on the morning of December 26. When viewed from its size, CH59 is comparable to the Chinese Canton Tower and the Sears Tower in Chicago, United States. Compare with Monas which is 132 meters high.

But the closest distance to the asteroid's path to Earth actually can not be said too close. According to NASA, the closest Asteroid point CH59 to Earth is around 0.04874 astronomical units (AU).

One astronomical unit is the distance from our planet to the Sun or about 149.6 million km. This means that Asteroid CH59 will pass within 7.29 million km from Earth.

Any object of this size could potentially flatten an entire continent if it crashed into planet Earth. Its power will have an impact on killing millions of lives and causing chaos, and destruction on an unprecedented scale, the Express website reported last weekend.

Based on the 2018 White House report on asteroid threats, each space rock measuring between 400 meters and 1.6 kilometers is a world threat. Because of the potential danger from the approaching asteroid to Earth, NASA labeled it as a dangerous asteroid (PHA) and near Earth object (NEO).

"NEOs are asteroids and comets that approach or pass Earth's orbit around the Sun," NASA said. "When NEO orbits bring them into the Earth's atmosphere, smaller objects without fragments and destroyed, while larger objects can cause damage, even global destruction. "

The report also added that objects close to and more than one kilometer can cause damage on a global scale. Objects of this magnitude can trigger severe tsunamis, earthquakes and secondary effects that will extend far beyond the impact area.

Around 66 million years ago, an asteroid measuring around 10 kilometers was believed to have destroyed dinosaurs and two-thirds of all life on Earth. However, CH59 is not large enough to end all life on Earth.

After approaching Earth, NASA estimates that CH59 will pass very close to Venus on September 10, 2020. Then, the asteroid will visit Earth again in March 2021, December 2023 and March 2024.

  1. Ring Solar Eclipse

Ring solar eclipse will occur on December 26, 2019. However, this special sky phenomenon cannot be witnessed from all regions in Indonesia.

"Only parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan have good points for observation," said Avivah Yamani, an astronomy activist from the Southern Sky Community in Bandung, on October 23, 2019. "The sun will be covered by the moon around 93-94 percent."

The rest of the glowing disk of the sun then seemed to form a ring in the sky. The cities that will be crossed by the ring solar eclipse are Siak, Sibolga, Padang Sidempuan, Duri, Tanjung Balai Karimun, Batam, Tanjung Pinang. Then Singkawang, Pemangkat, Sambas, Entikong, Tanjung Selor, and Derawan.

Quoting the page, the time of the start of the ring solar eclipse in the area that entered the Territory of Western Indonesia (WIB) from 10:00 am. The peak starts at 12.00s.

While in the Central Indonesia Region (WITA), the ring solar eclipse process begins at 12.00s and the peak time is at 14.00s. While other regions in Indonesia the majority can only witness partial solar eclipses such as throughout Java to Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi to Papua. Gerhananya ranged from 40-90 percent.

The word solar eclipse said Avivah occurs when the moon is at apogee or toward the farthest point of Earth. As a result, the disk of the moon becomes smaller to cover the entire disk of the sun.

When a ring solar eclipse occurs, the area that the eclipse crosses will experience a reduction in the intensity of sunlight. "So that the atmosphere during the day will feel like dusk," he said.

Similar changes were also experienced by other regions in Indonesia which experienced a partial eclipse. In general, a solar eclipse is not a very rare phenomenon. Within a year can occur 2-5 times.

The combination can be a total eclipse, a ring, and a part. Special, not all regions on Earth can enjoy a solar eclipse even though it is afternoon.

Ring solar eclipse 26 December 2019 will start from the Arabian Peninsula, continue to India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, a small part of the Philippines, and end in the Pacific Ocean

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