Steem Women Club Community Contest #9 | ''DECLARE YOUR LOVE'' || Love Multiplies As It Is Shared | BIG AWARDS || My Entry


ello All my Friends .

This is my participation for steemwomenclub contest .

Love is beautiful feeling 💖

Today I will declare to the world my love

Love is The name of life . If this word is not in our life, then we are nothing. Everyone in the world has to love someone. There are many names of love, but the sweetest name is the parents of love.💞



I'm 16 years old i'm happy next month i have a birthday i'm a 1st year medical student i love to make friends i have a good habit i'm happy in every environment i'm positive all the time that's why i get everything Becomes a friend. I like to cook. I keep making all kinds of food and my family loves .I am proud of my parents' training They taught me to be patient They taught me to be happy in all situations I love my parents😍


My father personality💖

My father is a very kind man. He is a man of sincere love and respect. He treats me like this even today. He talks like a small child and takes care of all family members . Even today he feeds me with his own hands. They are very caring. The biggest thing is that they believe in me. Believing is very important in every relationship.I am a muslim girl and most of the time in muslim familes unmarried girl is not allowed to have phone but i am lucky my family believe me i have my own mobile Which my brother gave me as a gift,
My father is a sales man, he is not rich, but he has made his daughter a princess, and for me, my father is more than a prince.But it is a pity that his health is not good now. He is a heart patient. He has also undergone Bypas operation. Love you baba ❤️




My sweet family💖

Sacrifice 🤗

I do all sorts of sacrifice for my family when they love me so much i can do this my brother does nothing without permission of father and mother i must have their consent in everything i do There is a much needed time that I give to my family and make every effort to make everyone happy

There are no words to describe how much I love my parents

There is so much to say and say about how much I love my family. Just understand that the happiness of my whole world is my parents and we should respect them for how much they have sacrificed for us. If we are happy for the children, then it is also the duty of the children to respect the relationship they love❣️

A father's goodness is higher than the mountain A mother's goodness deeper than the sea 💖

Like every other human being on earth ,parents crave love and deserve respect to bring a child to life , the mother goes through sleepness night uncomfortable morning and excruciating birth pains . After all his, she calls her child her crowing glory, As the child grows up, she feeds bathes , and dresses them and carries them in her arms🌹 The father has many sleepless night's , too he supports the mother and takes care of the child like a superhero he does everything in his power to ensure that his child has better chances in life than he had🥰

That's all I have declared my love for my family specially for my father.


Thank you so much for the support 💞💖ort 💞💖


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so sweet family sister.

16.02.2021 19:17

Thank you so much bro💞

17.02.2021 02:15


16.02.2021 20:37

Thank you🙂

17.02.2021 02:13

hi @ayeshagul I have confirmed your contest entry. Having a nice family is the best chance. It always makes you happy in life. I congratulate you on your good words.
Thank you very much for participating in the contest. Our slogan in this community; together we are strong. We will support each other. I will strive for women to win. Keep making quality posts in the community.
If there is any problem, you can access it from the discord channel. Good luck :)

17.02.2021 09:29

Thank you very much. Your kinds words are very special to me❣️

17.02.2021 14:31

Please share link of discord channal

17.02.2021 14:32

Oww you are so gorjious

02.03.2021 00:33