Before and after,chicken feeder from and plastic lid

Hello fellow steemians ,i hope everyone is having a great time in steemit. Especially the steem schools for giving as a great project to sincere gratitude goes to @envenge for this contest ,as managing waste has become a major problem in developing countries and this would help us appreciate the value of waste product by transforming them into usable things ,hence reducing the waste in our communities.
I have made a chicken feeder for my hens and cock.
The materials i used are as follows
Tomato paste waste can
Paint cover or lead


I used the nails to pierce in holes in the can and also the lid ,this would help make ut easy for the string to penetrate easily and hold the two together firmly


After that i put the strings through the holes of the can ,so that when i turn it outside down on the paint i can also push the strings to the back of the lid.
Now i tie the strings at the back of the lud tightly ,for it to be firm.

Now ,i have done a nice feeder for my chickens.


Contest @awuduabagibaBefore

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