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Hello everyone, it feels great to be part of this great contest. I see this contest to be an eye opener to most steemians especially newbies. I'm most grateful to @mcsamm for the opportunity to share something I think will help my other steemains on their journey so far.

Every journey in life begins with a step and is not like we don't know what step is, but the truth is how to determine the right step is the challenge. People are joining the platform day in and day out, so How do we ensure they achieved their purpose of joining the steem blockchain.? This is why I see it necessary to be part of this great family.

I will first of all say to my friends that we need to have better understanding the of steemit and read into details how the platforms works. The platform have a section where we can read a lot about it for our own understanding. ​

What I have realized is that many of us sign up newbies without referring them to this section where it throws more light on steemit. I will encourage us all to go through the steemwhitepaper and read for better understanding. this I believe will greatly influence our commitment and better contribute to the success of the steemit community.

We can access the the steemwhitepaper from here

Aside this what I have discovered on the platform is steemit is a learning community and whoever seeks to discover new things everyday and most especially learn more about how crypto works must do well and subscribe to The Steemit Crypto Academy Season. Joining this community has really helped me a lot in discovering great things and meeting great professors as well. Aside learning new things, you will get great rewards from @steemcurator02 for a tasks that exceed 5 marks. If you are finding difficulty in getting rewards from your post and other stuff, I recommend this community to you. You can only choose to be doing these task and I bet you, you will surely go far with steemit. Another week task is in session and you can join the class and earn some fantastic rewards.

NB: Though is open to everyone to read but the tasks are only for those who have reputations from 50 and have steem power of 100.

You can join the lectures through the link shared below.

The last thing I would like to talk about is joining contest. Now steemit compare to sometime past have really changed, we were having challenges some way back, and that was very difficult for most people especially we those don't like going out. But contest of late have made the platform more engaging. I as an example don't get enough rewards from my daily write-ups, but contest have really helped me a lot. Though sometimes I don't win, but I get the rewards and also create recognition as well.


A great teacher is someone who is able to feed others with his talent. I believe if we all should take these points raised into consideration, we will enjoy the best of our success, and again let me add by saying, we should lower our expectation and continue doing our possible best. We shouldn't lose guide on what we doing best. Look for that community that goes along with your talent and hit there very well.
The truth is we can subscribe to all the communities on steemit, but we can't be active on all these communities.

Once again, thanks @mcsamm and @nattybongo for teaming up in creating this contest.
Steemit is here to stay and we must know how to stay with it.
Thank you for the attention

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Looking for a community that best meets your niche is so true, else steemians will be moving around aimlessly. I love this discovery of yours also bro. I wish you all the best in this.

27.05.2021 16:24

Thank you bro,,, I hope participants will be able to share more for us all

27.05.2021 18:34

Nice information about the crypto academy, I would like to join soon

27.05.2021 17:53

Yes bro,,,you surely have to join

27.05.2021 18:38

Great input

27.05.2021 19:59

Well done, great digestion worth the read, thanks for sharing

27.05.2021 23:04

Thank you bro

28.05.2021 11:42

“This post has been rewarded by @oppongk from @steemcurator04 Account with support from the Steem Community Curation Project."

Keep posting good content and follow @steemitblog for more updates!

28.05.2021 07:26

Thank you so much, you have open my eyes to so many things I don't know

31.05.2021 16:36