Hello, everyone, I"m happy to be part of this poetry contest intiative by @dobartim, I therefore submit apoem I wrote for my mom.
This poem is dedicated to all potential mothers too

When she comes slip-footing through the door,
She kindles us
Like lump coal lighted
And we wake up glowing.
She puts a spark even in Papa's eyes
and turns out all darkness.

When she comes sweet-talking in the room,
She warms us
Like grits and gravy,
And we rise up shining

Even at night-time Mama is a sunrise
that promises tomorrow and tomorrow


Mama is a sunrise is a lyrical poem and deals with the theme of love in a family of peace, joy and happiness. This love poem falls into two clear but closely related parts, the first part defining the basis and providing the metaphor for the second part.

Woman's love for the husband and the family endures forever and is not bound by time or space. The poem deals with the idea of limitlessness by paradoxically treating things which seem to be bound by time.

The second aspect or stanza deals with this idea, and her affection is conveyed by arresting image of a sunrise. The intermingling of love and life introduces an interesting philosophical notion.
Using conventional metaphors of the sunrise or dawn representing light and life and night-time or darkness representing sadness, sorrow or death.
Mama Is a Sunrise is an evocation of the mystery, beauty and fragrance of the African dawn-stars, the moon, trees, and the quiet villages and the familiar scenes associated with them.

This poem is dedicated and all potential mothers....
May God bless you all for the joy you brings to us....

This is a poem by @awuahbenjamin


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I congratulate you friend @awuahbenjamin, when a poem is dedicated to women, especially mothers, it takes on an incredible strength precisely because of the nature of that being so wonderful.

09.04.2021 00:51

thank you my good friend , women play an important role in our lives and must be recognized as such...

09.04.2021 00:54

nice poem

09.04.2021 07:26