The Diary Game..My Tuesday Activities…Population and Hosing Census Training Continues

Hello good evening everyone,trust we are all doing good. We thank God for given us a beautiful day like this.Like I always say everyday gives us an opportunity to discover new things and just as the sun always rises everyday, we shall continually try again.
I welcome you once again to my blog with the diary game write up I had a stressful day and this is how it went.
I woke up very early in the morning prepared myself for the second workshop of the population and housing census. Like we did yesterday, we continued with our training session. We were introduced to how to used the CAPI(Tablet) in taking data on the field.

We started the training around 8:00 and ended around 7:30pm. This was really stressful even though the training is not difficult but time consuming.



I was very tired when I got home, I quickly had my bath and slept off.

God willing our next training continues today.

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Since you are part of those officials can you count me here on Steemit?. Hahahaha


03.06.2021 16:59

Not really bro, there are some few other information I need to capture when I visit your house

03.06.2021 19:29

Try putting the images in-between the text as you write it adds to the beauty of the narrative

03.06.2021 22:13

Noted bro

03.06.2021 22:55