The Diary Game..My Monday Activities …Work and Happiness


Hello my lovely steemians, I bring you special greetings from the comfort of my motherland Ghana to you everywhere you are. It has been an amazing day today and this is the more reasons why I want to share this amazing great day with my friends out there.

In fact the best feeling one can ever have is to feel good and healthy in the morning, it brings you closer to your success destiny.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you very much for your time here, I hope you will find something that will interest you the most.

Monday’s to me are start up to your journey, Monday are always the busiest and if you want to have a good week, never joke with your Monday’s.
I was make sure I go to work very early and it did happened today too.
Upon reaching, I quickly took my breakfast since I was very hungry.

After eating, I searched for some file which I will be working on. It took me sometime to find it, I even became frustrated along the line but I pull myself up and I got over it.

I entered information on the file to our client data(GIS).

Well, it was quite plenty but I managed to finished up with the help of @magcarnie. Thank you dear for that wonderful help you gave out.


 Such a great asset to the office

There was no much work after completing our task for the day.

We then closed and we came home together in our colleagues car.


I stopped by ECG office to purchase some credit.

I then came home and took some rice for supper.

I’d wanted to watch a program on TV but the lights won’t give me that opportunity.

This shortened my day,, but that won’t hide the joy and the good time I had today. I’m really glad for whatever moment today brought. I hope tomorrow will be far more.

This in all concluded my day.
Thank you all. I really appreciate your time.

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Great day it was

24.05.2021 21:39

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25.05.2021 16:42