The Diary Game …My Friday Activities..Population and Housing Census Training Continues.

Another beautiful day is here with us and is no other day than Friday. A day that brings repose from labor. This week has indeed been one of the toughest week for week.

Today too, the training continued and as I always wake up very early in the morning,, I woke up very early prepared myself for the training, lucky for me I got there before the trainers reported.
We were today trained in how to take household data from people. What questions and how we should go about was elaborated.
We used both the paper questionnaire and the one on the Tablet just incase unforeseen circumstances happened.






 Some pictures taken during training 

We closed very late just as always. I was for once thinking tomorrow and Sunday won’t be part of the training only to be inform to come early tomorrow for another training.
Came home and clean up my room and dressed my bed.

Took tea afterwards and then went to shower.

This in all summarized my entire activities for the day.
Thank you all and have a wonderful evening

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