The Diary Game..26/02/2021///work activities on friday

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Hello everyone..I trust the week was a good one. We really thank for His protection and guidance throughout the whole week.
Getting the opportunity to post on steemit is a big privilege we have. God is the reason why. Once again I’m here to share with you my routines for the day.

As I do always...Through the mercies of God..I woke up fully fit and ready for the day too. Had my devotion..and prepared myself for work. Honestly speaking, I was feeling reluctant to go to work today since I was very tired of going but I went since I was having some few task to complete at work.

I got to work very late at around 8:30am in morning. The lights were off in the morning and that made me feel more uncomfortable but it didn’t take long to come.

I quickly finished with my weekly report and forward it to my boss.

Preparation of my weekly report


Took my breakfast and this time I went in heavy

“Local food papapaaa”
Eating Abete3 and groundnut soup 🍜

There was not enough work today so I started doing my own stuff until my boss called to informed me , we are having a training program the whole of next week on the ICE program I recently shared with you on my last week post.
So I have to call the people involved and inform them.

This took so much time but still didn’t finish and I was getting hungry too. But I decided not to buy food again but come home and cook something for myself.
I closed from work and came to prepare some ampesi with kontomire stew.

Man in Action



In fact everything was by myself.
Afterwards my sister came from home and wanted to prepare palm nut soup so I helped her with the pounding of the palm nuts.

Pounding palm 🌰


I then tried some mango juice since I was dying for it seriously.

After products


I have reserve some in fridge so you can pass by and try your hands on it.

I believe I did my best today and enjoyed every bit of what I did today.
Again I’m grateful unto God for all that he has done for me throughout the week.

Goodnight to you all and continue to steem on and do protect yourself as well.
Now, protection is very key.


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