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As usual, I woke up by 5am to study a bit. My roommate was surprisingly awake but he went back to sleep shortly after I woke up. I did some laundry and was about to start cleaning up when my roommate woke up. We cleaned up a bit before he had his bath and left the house by past 9am to go sort some course issues.

I finished cleaning up and went out to buy some food for my neighbor and I. When I got back, my roommate was back already. I had my bath and we all ate while helping my roommate figure out something’s. After eating I immediately got back to my books.
Look at all these

I didn’t even study much when I decided to sleep for a while. I slept by past 12pm and woke up by past 2pm. One of my friends was around when I woke up. I immediately jumped up and started studying, again. I had a lot to cover so I panicked. I even went out of the room to concentrate. My neighbor joined after a while and we studied together.

By past 7pm I went out to see my friends briefly. I didn’t know that two of them used my phone to take selfies.
I found this

I got back home and had dinner with my friends and my roommate too. My roommate slept off really early while my friends and I stayed up talking for a while. By past 10pm, I decided to get my stuff ready for my all nighter. I took my stuff outside and started studying.
I have to do what I have to do

It’s past 11pm and I’m still out here trying to cover up for what I missed in the afternoon. I hope I don’t sleep off.
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